Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hip To Be Square

New season, new trend.

And I think the last time this one was big was the 80s.

If you're American you call it plaid, if you're English you call it tartan.

To-mah-to. To-may-to.

It looks good when you know how to wear it.

The plaid/tartan print works really well on coats and jackets. For the most part, I prefer the more muted tones...stops it looking too 'festive'.

First up, the gilet (English) vest (american) is from Guess $148. I love the simple colours and that furry hood is just too cute. But remember when it comes to faux there's a fine line between fur and

On the right, the supercute green tartan/plaid (I'm keeping it PC) bomber jacket is from BB Dakota. If you haven't heard of them, take a look at their site Very cute stuff for very reasonable prices.

These are both cute, casual, comfy options.
On the left the BDG Portsmouth Bomber is available from for $138 or £120. Perfect to throw on at the weekend when you just need to pop out. And at risk of looking like an ASBO teen, a hood is quite handy for keeping warm and keeping your hair dry if the skies suddenly open.

On the right, is a very similar jacket. Can I just point out that bomber jackets are supremely slimming on all figures? Yep, its the way they nip in and disguise muffin top. Handy that. This Riley Bomber is from for $30.

FYI, these are for the grown ups.

This divine plum hued mohair coat is by Hanii Y. Its $820 but its soooo soft, and such a distinctive colour, print yet classic shape and style. Love it.

On the right, the monochrome delicate print coat is by Semantiks and is available from at a pretty reasonable $168. Love the way its shaped at the bottom. And the belt gives it a good shape over bulky winter layers in the coming months. Love it. A lot.

Love this monochrome print. From Charlotte Ronson (who could soon be La Lohan's sister in law if the media is to be believed). The funnel neck and belt make it a very sexy option. Love it. $450.

On the right, also a stylish monochrome option, is the Monroe from and is a much more wallet friendly $90. The large buttons give it a retro look and feel. Very Twiggy.

One of the easiest ways to introduce this trend into your wardrobe is with a shirt. Short sleeved, long sleeved, with skinny jeans, with a mini and boots, under a cardi, under a many ways to wear them. And who doesn't welcome a hard working item of clothing into their wardrobe?

For something so ordinary, I'd say go cheap and cheerful.These two are both from Topshop. The short sleeved red and black is a little more punk rocker and is £25. The blue oversized shirt would look fab over dark denim (skinny, bootleg or a mini, I'd stay away from flares unless you're actually trying to recreate the woodstock steez) and is £28.

The next two incredibly simlar shirts are from The green Midwest is $23 and the red Nira is $20.

Or switch it up a little and wear a printed vest(american) waistcoat (english). Keep the print simple and from a muted colour palette otherwise you might end up looking a little like Farnsworth Bentley.

The left option is from
and is on sale from $35 to $19.

The right option is from
and is $30.

One of my favourite options for this category. So easy to wear. When its warm, just throw on a tshirt and some ballet pumps. When the temperature drops, throw on a nice chunky jumper, some dark tights and ballerinas or flat boots (heels look a little too naughty schoolgirl stripper...don't say I didn't warn you).

This skirt from is $98 and very girly so keep other colours to a minimum. The chocolate brown and white is an unexpected colour combo that works well for the colder months.

On the right, this dark, simple and straightforward skirt is from for $23.

Love the purple and ruched side on the Nanette Lepore skirt. Its on sale for $145 at

On the right, this simple, classic monochrome print is by Maria Bonita and is available at for $180.

On the left the very autumnal skirt is from for £25.

On the right, the more summery gingham skirt is See By Chloe and is available from and is on sale from £140 to £70.

On the left, this cute, quirky wool option is McQ by Alexander McQueen and is available from for $199.

On the right, the blue and black skirt is from and would be perfect with a black jumper and black riding boots.

Sometimes, more fabric is more sexy. These skirts definitely have the va-va-voom.
On the left, the greay and black structured skirt is from at £45.

On the right, this seriously seductive skirt is from and is on sale for $58.


Vivienne Westwood does it best with the handbags. The distinctive shape, the choice of fabrics, they can look very proper or kinda punk depending on who's carrying it and how they carry it. Pretty much like everything from our Viv.

On the left, The Vivienne Westwood Tartan Jasmine bag is £240 from

On the right, the Vivienne Westwood Bedrock is £360 from

These more budget friendly options are cute and more casual.
On the left, is £35.

On the right,, the Huntington is $58.

This cute selection of pumps keep the colours simple and stylish.
Left:, Tux ballet flats $39, Madden Girl 'Tuscann' $49, Sam Edelman 'Carmen' $89

And take it back to school with these print scarves.
Left:, classic plaid $10.
Right:, Navy tartan cashmere scarf by Johnstons, £70.

Happy shopping!


Cheetarah said...

You forgot one, if your Nigerian you call it 'check!' he he he!

Originally a fan of the check shirt from my Snoop LBC days when I tot I was a boy,lol! Then when I saw this season D&G ones, I think you had a pix of Kelly Rowland in it.
Loving the skirts n the flats,nice1
Tiger x

And oh yeah, I saw ur russell OYO comment, LOL!

Simi Speaks said...

ok, just had a random thot. "i bet she looks cute all the time" lol.

great post once again!

Tiger Tem said...

@Cheetarah...yes I did! Thank you for reminding me. And they've started doing 'check' aso-oke...imagine that. I was HORRIFIED when I saw the classic Burberry check reinterpreted as aso-oke...NO!!!!!!

@Simispeaks...hahaha. Well, since I started Tiger Tem I had to up the ante and 'look the part'. But I'm too lazy to be a high maintenance diva...I call myself clever low maintenance...just maintain a presentable standard and then I've worked out the art of the crafty short cut which I'm happy to share:
1. great jeans, always an easy go to choice with a tank and cardi.
2.ballet pumps when my toes are a mess
3. never paint my fingernails so they never get chipped
4. pretty hair clips so I can just put it up when its a mess
5. minimal make up and sunglasses on a daily basis, when I really can't be bothered i.e. days off, just sunglasses...
6. my best tip is to pluck your eyebrows on a regular basis, only takes a minute each time that way and far less painful.

So don't worry, my yoga pants get PLENTY of wear too!

Chee! said...

Noooooooooo! that wud make a very chavvy wedding asoebi! Lol! I trust my pepaw, they cant let a trend pass them by!lol!

Abbey said...

These coats & jackest would be perfect for fall.

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