Monday, September 8, 2008

Fashion Totally ROCKS!

Tearing myself away from that Maxwell clip. Again. Thing is, that really is my most favouritest song in the world. No joke. It has been for YEARS.

I digress.

NY NY Big city of dreams. It must have been a MAD one this weekend.

The annual Conde Nast sponsored star studded Fashion Rocks event kicked off NY Fashion week.

And looking at these pictures I can't wait to watch it. I think its being aired on Tuesday. Once I'm done here, I'm going to start looking for clips on Youtube!


Queen B, back front and centre with a bizang....boy does this chica know how to make headlines. More on that later. She looks f.a.b.o.u.l.o.u.s.

Ciara is another hot tamale. Very glam dress. Don't like it much though.

Lydia Hearst plays, count my ribs in this red cutaway number.

My, my, moving up in the world Gossip Girl. Chace Crawford cuts a dashing picture with the original Italian Stallion Valentino.

Putting the trouser in trousersnake, JT looks as adorable as ever. BUT I have to share, since a friend said he looked like a Ukrainian truck driver to her, I haven't quite looked at him the same way.

Princess Riri looking fierce in this sculptural black dress. Love it.

Ms Swank looking very swanky in her magenta gown and new crop.

Natasha Bedingfield, laughing all the way to the bank...Unwritten is the theme song for The Hills AND Pantene in America. Let the royalties roll.

Nice to see Brandy making a comeback. Not so nice to see up your nose love.

Bada BLING. Charlize, grabs the statement necklace trend with two hands. Love it.

Anna Wintour's daughter is a total FOX! Who knew. And with that model pose, I'm guessing she's a model?

Paula-straight-up-now-tell-me-do-you-really-want-to-love-me-forever-or-am-i-caught-in-a-hit-and-run Abdul.

I will love her forever for giving my childhood that song. I'll whip anyone's ass at karaoke. You know I know ALL the words.

Hayden Panettiere looking like a very sparkly minx. Love it. Wait....the hair's back!

Tommy Hilfiger and his other daughter.

Molly Sims, looking fabulously sparkly. Love it.

I really do get quite disproportionately excited about great music. So I am sooo getting on youtube when I'm done here.

And finally, whoomp there it is! Beyonce, not one to miss sending the paps into overdrive, decided to show the world that big mother of a rock at the aptly named Fashion Rocks concert. If you must know, its a whopping 18 carats of bling which cost a stonking $5 million and was designed by her favourite blingologist Lorraine Schwartz. When you hear her sing At Last by Etta James, you'll understand why chica is aiming to be an icon (yes I stopped to watch a clip on youtube). That voice, that rock.

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Beyonce's voice was made for this type of music and I'm absolutely loving her performance with JT. B stole the show but c'est la vie.

And one more picture of them...they performed the Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell classic, Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing. Loved it.

One word. Fergalicious. I'll leave it at that.

Pussy Cat Dolls. In the words of Johnny, my, my, my, my, my (and not in a good way).

The unmistakeable, inimitable Mary J Blige. For all her fashion sins, this woman can SING. And she's been looking mighty fine since she got married. Or re-married, not sure.

And then she performed with Kid Rock. They did a Temptations cover, I Know I'm Losing You. How interesting.

Mariah, is on fire. Another hard hitting, record breaking VOICE. Shows like this really sort the talent from the crap.

Strike a pose. Princess Riri covered Madonna's Vogue in this very Brazilian Carnival styled outfit. Hang on a minute. Its a little like a Josephine Baker outfit. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Beyonce wear that very famous banana skirt Josephine Baker styled outfit last year. Yawn. Slap the stylist.

And here's the whole very glamourous looking gang.


Nkiru Judith said...

You go, girl!!!!!!!!!!

Cheetarah said...

Hiya! Listened to the song and it just confirmed my tots about Riri, that girl cannot sing but she sho can dress. Her voice grates me man! I will always love Bey! And the rock was definately in the building!!! Ok now back to the others

Ciara dress was Ellie Saab, look aiight but her weave,No

LMAO at Ukrainian truck driver, u finished him!lol!

Brandy was wearing a trash bag inspired Lanvin.

Charlize was wearing a Rag and Bone blazer fresh of the runway!

Riri was in Monique Lhuilier

MC was in Pamela Roland

Bey was in Zuhair Murad!

Cant remba who did hilary dress!
How jobless am i,lol! lemme get back to work oo, b4 i get nicked!

Oh oh i do need suggestions for that bow, will shoot u an email!Bisses

J.M said...

Hey gurl, loving ur blogs.... P.s: Ciara's dress reminds me of a highway :-)

Dropsofglamour said...

B is just first class, she has the whole package. I have not had a chance to check out the vids yet but I love 'aint nothing like the real thing' so i'm excited.

OMG! Did anyone see what Solange was a disaster!

Yes, Riri's dress is fierce. I especially love the jeweled/embelished waist.

Eh...Lydia Hearst = scary.

Tiger Tem said...

@nkiru...thank you! Always appreciate your comments. crack me up. Wow, how well informed are you? Thanks for the heads up on the designers. Email about the bow when you're ready. I'll start thinking now.

@j.m. thank you. First time commenter? Always good to get feedback.

@dropsofglamour....I did see Solange, but I feel a bit sorry for her so decided to leave her alone (this time). It must be horrific having a sister like Beyonce. I know I'd probably want to muzzle her too.

Anonymous said...

no you will NOT ruin justin for me!
and omg Brndy looks like crap.
mariah looks nice! she's one who crosses over the crap line every once in a while. and tho i love her to bits, i let out a breath when i saw this.
love B's short blonde very Ri... it musta killed her to listen to her stylist on that one!

Daddy's Girl said...

Love the photos (and your witty comments). I think Beyonce looked amazing on that night. Also love Charlize's look, fabulous! Don't like Ciara's dress on her at all - a petite girl like her has no business wearing that in my view.

Tiger Tem said...

@geisha song...haha, not trying to, just saying. You're right about Mariah but so far marriage (sham or not) seems to be treating her well.

@Daddy's girl...thank, I try my humble best. Queen B made sure she was firmly back on her throne and Charlize is a babe and a half.

2hot4fendi said...

Beyonce's performances were on point!!!
LOl @ my sexy Ukrainian truck driver Justin.
I'm soooo in love with the group single for cancer 'just stand up'
gr8 effort by the ladies....

2hot4fendi said...

Beyonce's performances were on point!!!
LOl @ my sexy Ukrainian truck driver Justin.
I'm soooo in love with the group single for cancer 'just stand up'
gr8 effort by the ladies....

Josephine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Josephine said...

lol @ all the witty comments...But hey, doesn't Miss I'm-wearing-a-highway-dress Ciara looking a lil too old????

@ Riri's performance costume, don't kill the stylist. We all know little miss thing wants to be like Queen
n waoh Cheetarah!!! U are on top of your game...

Love your blog to pieces *hugs*

Tiger Tem said...

@2hot4fendi...yep. One thing nobody can take away from Queen B is the girl can SING. Loved the group song too.

@Josephine...Thanks! Keep reading amd keep commenting! Key difference between Princess Riri and Queen B, is Beyonce has an AMAZING VOICE! Stick that in your pipe(s) Riri.