Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I See You Baby - People Pics NY Fashion Week

So last week we took a quick peek at the runway pieces and now we're taking a good look at who was papped out and about looking fabulous.

I See You Baby.

The Marc Jacobs show pulled in the biggest and the baddest celeb guestlist of the week.

Padma...wowza, she's got legs for miles. Can anyone tell me how someone who professes to be obsessed with food stays so slim?

Vicky B. Never one to miss a shameless pap fest of a photo opportunity. She took her arrival with J Lo at the Marc Jacobs show to show the world her new pixie cut. I like it. I think it suits her, won't suit a lot of the many that will copy her. She's got wide eyes and pixie features which is usually the basic requirement for such a short choppy crop. Master of reinvention. Me likey.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld (daughter of French Vogue editor, Corinne Roitfeld) looking fabulous in her liquid leggings and her chiseled piece of arm candy, Magnus Berger.

Helena. Now this is why only a handful of models were ever called super. This woman is giving all the young bloods a very good run for their money. Fabulously sexy.

Nicole Richie put in an appearance in a monochrome outfit with a suitably grimy rocker edge and a hippy style headband. Cute. And clearly Marc's been working out.

Doesn't she look absolutely gorgeous in this pic? Well, they say motherhood makes you radiant (especially when you have a fleet of staff on hand to lessen your load).

Jigga...what's my m*tha f***in' name? A little too contrived in I'm-a-badass-hip-hop-star way but whatever. He ain't a patch on Kanyeze who is looking SOOOOOOO contrived in his daft outfit. Hate it. Looks like he spent far too long to be straight getting ready. And that's aside from the fact that I find him intensely irritating anyway.

Queen B of fashion week, Anna Wintour sits serenely on her throne with her gorgeous daughter Bee Schaffer.

Rachel Zoe looking a little pinched and remarkably line free. Anyone say botox? Haven't been able to look at this woman the same way since I heard Perez Hilton calls her Chupacabra....which means bloodsucker, his whole angle being she's been sucking the life blood out of young hollywood to make them thin and keep her alive. So wrong but so funny.

And there were a bevy of beauties papped out and about at other fashion shows during NY fashion week.

Just looking at him makes me want to slap those spoddy glasses off. Take it easy man. Relax. Anyway luckily his intense repellant effect on me is watered down by the joyous looking Joy Bryant, on their way out from the Thakoon show.

And here's Joy again, looking more joyous in what I think is a Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket. Such a simple and stylish outfit, love it.

Tinsley Mortimer in her signature pose with her signature ringlets at the Carolina Herrera, one of the enduring favourites of the Upper East Side echelons of society.

Natasha Bedingfield with Zoe Saldana at the Max Azria show looking like they're having a jolly good time. (Take note kanye)

Heidi Klum looking like her usual fabtastic self at her buddy Michael Kors shows. He definitely adds a lot to the Project Runway panel.

Lauren Conrad looking cute as a button at the Nanette Lepore show.

Nicole Fiscella, ex model and Gossip Girl star (even though I swear I've never heard her speak on the show...anyone say token black friend?). Looking fab at the Nanette Lepore show.

How lovely is this? Blake Lively and her mum Lori Lively at Michael Kors. Clearly Blake was dunked at the deep end of the gene pool.

Brandy at the Prada show. Looking cute in the abstract polka dot top.

Cassie and Letoya Luckett looking absolutely f.a.b.o.u.l.o.u.s. at the D Squared party. Hotness.

Cassie for all her lack of singing skills, is one of the hottest chicks in the game. Very cute dress. Want it.

The always adorable Paula Patton with her crooing husband Robin Thicke. Such a cute couple.

And now for something very interesting....THE FASHIONISTAS
They'll spend their last dollar on that piece of fashion fabulosity they can't afford. They'll relentlessly shop at sample sales gilt and ebay so they can wear that much coveted Thakoon MC Hammer pantsuit. They wake, breathe, (don't) eat and dream fashion. They live in cigarettes, coffee and water and maybe the occasional undressed salad so they can stay looking fabulous in the sample sized clothes they borrow from the wardrobe of the magazine they work for. I admire their foolhardy determination and dedication to a cause. Fashionistas of NY, I salute you.

Madeline Weeks at Marc Jacobs. Very cute outfit.

Agyness backstage at Oscar de la Renta.

Virginia Smith at Michael Kors. Love the outfit.

Roopal Patel has a wicked way with her fab accessories. Love it.

Brit beauty Jourdann Dunn at Oscar de le Renta.

And the following pics were shamelessly poached from The Sartorialist's running commentary of NY fashion week for style.com. Love it. These women all look FABULOUS.


Anonymous said...

That's actually Blake's older sister. Really older sister

Abujamaiden said...

Nicole Fiscella is hasn't be sighted this season same with the Asian friend..oops for the ethnic tag!

Tiger Tem said...

@Anon...really? She definitely looks old enough to be her mum. Thanks for the correction.

@abujamaiden...very good point. I guess ethnic doesn't do Hamptons ya?

Anonymous said...

r u certain anon wasnt being sarcastic???
and whoa tiger, reign in ur claws! i can smell the kanye beef from way over here!
oh and she too speaks on gossip girl! she said 'someone saw serena get off a train at grand central' in the pilot! :P

the producers didnt even try. they loped off the asian and black people in one token stroke! i keep wondering if they're supposed to be twins or some odd thing.

Tiger Tem said...

@geisha...Just checked on google, anon's right. Lori is her big sister.
The best bit about the Kanye beef is only one person is cooking it...me! Unfortunately as I sit here hating on kanyeze, he's far too busy getting paid.

hahahahaha on your comments about the asian and the black chick. You're right. its like they're silent twins.

Dropsofglamour said...

Wow all this fabulousness in one post. I'm still laughing about your comments on Kanye...I dont know why he's frontin'! I usually think his style is ok but yes it did seem too thought out for fashion week.

I love Joy's blinged out cardi and Cassie's dress IS cute...love the colours.

I had no idea about the explanation for 'chupacabra'. That is so funny! She'd look a lot better with some coverage.

Anonymous said...

Hi! love your blog.
Since we are talking fashion, I have a question which is completely off topic.
It's in the 70s in New York. Do you think I'll look weird sporting a leather jacket?

Tiger Tem said...

@Anon...fabulous always looks fabulous no matter the weather. And if anyone hates, leave them to keep sipping from their cup of hatorade.