Friday, September 12, 2008

I See You Baby - NY Fashion Week Runway Part 1

As NY fashion week has drawn to a close, who won, who lost, who sold, who's left feeling like crap as nobody ordered what they had?

Well, I think we'll all have to wait until Spring/Summer 2009 for the most conclusive answers to that.

But as a welcome break from all the diva-ness and overly serious articulation of opinions that surrounds fashion week, I decided to look at fashion week from a different perspective. What would I buy...and wear?

So without a second thought of who said what clouding my vision and a very clear, singular purpose...what would look fierce on we go.

Diane von Furstenberg called her show 'Rock Goddess', but 'Love Child' might've been a more apt title for this breezy Spring collection. The collection had a happy, hippy laidback vibe, with lots of pretty colours, diaphanous silks in strong colours. Exactly what we all need to put a spring in our steps and a smile on our faces as we battle our way through what's looking like a distinctly dreary economic climate.

DVF is one of my favourite designers as she dresses women like women. Bold, beautiful, strong women. What's not to love about that?

LEFT: Ok, the head attire looks great on the runway but obviously I wouldn't wear that. The black dress is very covered up but the cut, draping and the way it skims over the body is supremely sexy. Would be a fab choice to wear to a dinner do...dark angel.

RIGHT: The monochrome print is so cute and pretty. Dress it up with heels or down with flats and you have yourself one versatile dress that's good for brunch, lunch, cocktails and dinner.

LEFT: I am sooo in love with this white 3 piece suit. Start out in all 3, then as your day (garden party) or night (any type of party) hots up, lose the jacket and you have one hot mama of an outfit.

RIGHT: Love the floppy hat with the white shift. Not sure if I'd wear it in yellow, but it looks so good in this picture I just might. Those floppy hats are perfect for politely ignoring people, you can just 'pretend' you didn't see them.

LEFT: Love a sexy lace dress and this is a sexy lace dress. The A line shape and long sleeves give it that boho luxe vibe we all love so much and worn with some fabulous bright (or metallic if you're feeling a little more tame) and you've got yourself a hot ticket to a white party.

RIGHT: This is such a pretty dress. Wear it to a wedding (and pretend its cream), any type of garden party, christening, to meet his parents...any occasion when you might want to look a little demure.

LEFT: Cardigan OR dress, I wouldn't wear both but its a fabulous colour and print. It works really well with the belt, metallic clutch and laced up shoes.

RIGHT: Simple, stylish and very necessary grey jersey top. This is one of those tops that looks great with everything. The shiny shorts, could work. With a plain tshirt...ok I'll admit, I thought it was a skirt at first glance. I'd prefer it as a skirt.

LEFT: Abstract colourful prints are always a winner in summer and the combination of the very demure looking dress with the very deep v definitely eye-catching. I'd lose the gold jacket though.

RIGHT: Love a good maxi dress in the summer and I am sooo in love with this fantastic plum shade. The shape is very hippy, boholuxe and sophisticated at the same time. Love it.

LEFT: The clashing print of the summer coat and the dress actually work. Obviously not for the shy and retiring but I love it. Bold, bright and beautiful.

RIGHT: I hate(d) that whole dress over jeans thing but I'm soooo loving this sheer maxi dress over trousers. Very slick, sophisticated and stylish.

Is one of those names that's been popping up on my horizon more frequently, on celebs, in magazines. I like his style. After a Fall collection done almost entirely in black, the new palette took shape during a trip to Miami, home not just of those amazing tropical Art Deco pastels but also of the so-bad-it's-good eighties tackiness of Miami Vice.

LEFT: This is one of those so-stylish-it-hurts, takes on a simple shirt dress, but with a couple of top buttons undone and feminised with more delicate heels and a softer bag, I would so wear this. The baby blue makes it a very daytime look, but the blue has a brightness to it that lets you ain't cheap.

RIGHT: This bright baby blue shorts suit is so cute and so 80s. I'm not a fan of shorts suits....but i am so loving this one its almost enough to convince me otherwise. I think the key thing with an outfit like this is to bear in mind there's nothing serious about it, its totally a party outfit!

LEFT: You certainly won't be eating any pies in this short, tight, white dress but I love the drapey detailing and the way it criss crosses over the body. Love it with those hardcore black heels too. Very sexy.

RIGHT: This is a much easier to wear outfit. As an outfit or separates. the flowy white top or the tight white skirt. Tight white skirts can be difficult to wear well, my main piece of advice would be keep the top very simple, and not tight and you'll be looking fierce. Especially if you wear it with these kind of shoes.

LEFT: This is more about the top than the trousers. That gorgeous shade of lilac/grey, asymmetry at the neckline and asymmetry at the it. Would look fab with jeans.

RIGHT: Ok clearly for normal people, this is no dress. But I love it, over the past year or two I've been falling in love with grey more and more. And this must be the sexiest grey tshirt I've ever clapped my eyes on.

LEFT: Love the laidback vibe of this grey sweatshirt and leather trousers. Very easy to emulate and I'd swap the leather for latex leggings .
Not because I'm some hair animal lover, I just think leather trousers still look just a teeny weeny bit naff.

RIGHT: Again its the asymmetry that caught my eye. I like asymmetric clothes, especially when it comes to what to wear at night. It looks so sexy and stylish without being prim, prissy or overly done up.

That's all for today but I'll be back with 3 more designers over the weekend.

Have a good one!


Dropsofglamour said...

DVT is just a genius! Yes, you are right - 'love child' would have been a more appropriate name for the show.

I want that monochrome print dress...its gorgeous (could wear tights in winter too). Love the sexy lace dress too but i'm not sure about the long selves for me personally.

Dropsofglamour said...

long SLEEVES! Gosh I'm stil sleepy.

Ifeoma-adiagwuagwu said...

what happened to vera wang, tiger tem. does she still do fashion shows? would you know? i like & love her designs. she is good. orientals are very good with designs and styling, i give it to them. i admire their works, seriously. ok. enough of mine excitement. tiger tem...take care. ciao!

Cheetarah said...

Hey TT,not about fashion week desole..U knw the SATC belt u did a post on, well im not a SATC fan so i didnt watch the movie or even know abt the belt till ur post, Sooo 2day i was in the mall and I saw a good replica from runway rip off my dahlins ZARA...its 29 euros so thats what prob 19pounds?I knw Im totally random! Ciao!!!

Tiger Tem said...

@dropsofglamour...good point about the monochrome dress. Works for all seasons.

@Ifeoma...she's still around and making mad money. She did a show which was god, take a look at pics on She also does a budget diffusion line in the US for Kohls. Pretty cute stuff but haven't seen anything personally so not sure what the quality is like a chic Parisienne? Haven't been into a Zara for ages but I LOVE their stuff. And in case anyone didn't know their stuff in Europe is WAY better than the stuff they give us in London...or in America.

Have fun wearing it and glad to hear I'm inspiring your shopping!