Thursday, September 4, 2008

Everybody Loves Good Head...

Another day in the life of Tiger Bites and another provocative attention grabbing headline.

Inspired by the launch of the new collections at NY Fashion Week this weekend, I've unearthed one of the hot new big trends for the next season.

Stylish headgear.

Its very gossip girl (trademark accessory for Blair Waldorf) and I think for the most part the more ornate the more suited to weddings the headgear looks. But worn well, some of these pieces can look rather fabulous.

AND they're the ultimate crappy hair day saver. If your hair won't behave, needs a wash, needs a retouch...grab a bit of good head (gear).

Share your thoughts.


These two adorable little mini chapeaus go by the far more proper name of pillboxes. Now you know.

On the left we have a surprisingly sexy red little number from Accessorize £22. This would look positively attention grabbingly vixenish worn to a wedding.

On the right we have a big red bow with a veil from Claudette Chapeau now available on for £16. Incidentally I remember this woman started in Portobello about 10 years ago, a good friend was obsessed with her hats so we spent a lot of time at her stall. Great to see the hard work has paid off by being sold at one of the biggest retailers in the UK.

Put a feather in your cap with this cute layered feather headband from This could work well during the day with a summer dress or jeans. And at $9 its so easy to experiment with.

On the right the coral feather butterfly is from Tasha and is available at Its on sale right now, down from $48 to $24. I love the way it looks, not sure if I'd wear it though. My hair's kinda short and I think this would look better with long hair. Again, its very garden party, summer wedding style but tres cute all the same.

You'll always come up smelling of roses with this huge stonking rose clasped to your head. Again, looks like it would be fabulous worn to a wedding or summer garden party. From fab new designer Cara NY.

On the right we have another cheap and cheerful number from The black leather makes it a more muted and sophisticated choice..and at $4, who's complaining?

Sit pretty with flowers in your hair. Both of these are budget friendly options from The one on the left would work better for women with slightly shorter hair and is $7. The purple one on the right would look fab with long locks and is $4.


The thinner varieties of the group are much easier to work with on a regular basis. Go for laidback casual with a pop of bright colour like the red one from H&M.

And you can wear it Navajo style like the double braided version from for £7.

It can look decidedly sophisticated as well as you can see with this subtle Zebra print patent leather headband from Tasha. Available at for $38.

On the right, again from Tasha ($42), this bold green double band is finished off with a very cute diamante stone. Love this look.

On the left we have a more glam member of the skinny crew, Tasha is the reigning queen of the new season's headgear and this is available from for $48.

On the right, if you're a Juicy fan , this will be right up your street. Love the ghetto fab cuban links. $55.


At a dinner do recently one of the women had this delicate diamante headband in her hair, looked fabulous with her LBD. Ficcare Swarovski crystal headband $60 at

On the right the skinny band with the big gems, a little reminiscent of Marc Jacobs, is on sale from $88 now $44 at

Both these boho luxe headbands are from one of the best accessory designers of boho luxe, Stacey Lapidus. The silk and triple row crystal on the left is $120 and the absolutely fabulous silk & crystal braided headband on the right is $100.


The wide variety of headbands are perfect when you need a retouch. On the left, ths embellished black band is from 3.1 Phillip Lim.

On the right this superwide purple silk headband looks fabulous with your hair worn up.

A think scarf works just as well as a hairband and this leopard print one adds a little

On the right, these wide glitter bands look a little Paris Hilton in candy colours but look uberglam in black. $50

The ballerina pink patent leather is from Miu Miu £55.

On the right, the classic stretchy wide hairband is from Rachel Pally $26.

Bigger, bolder headgear is exactly the type of thing men don't understand so expect a "What the hell is that" kinda reaction more than anything else. But as always, with kahunas of steel, rock on with your bad self.


Chee said...

he hehe everybody loves good head! U crack me up! OMG I just got the purple bow from Claudette Chapeau, coz i tot it was cute and soo me in a kooky way, and been looking for what to wear it with! Hmm Tiger, i think we need to go shopping togeda!lol! Bon Weekend!


Tiger Tem said...

@cheetarah...Great minds! I'm a HUGE online shopping fan, removes all the hassle from the day to day. If you ever need suggestions on what to wear to what, just send me an email at, let me know your size, budget, favourite shops and what kind of look you're after and I'll work my magic.

Hanselena said...

Nordstrom Forever21 both are my most favorite store to buy latest fashion accessories.

Tiger Tem said...

@hanselena...they both offer fab selections. Thanks for the heads up on discounts.