Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gunning For Fashion Gold

Abuja...the big city of dreams, where the real money in Lagos lies.

Its not a city I've spent much time in, but from the little I have seen I can safely say things in general work better, look a bit better and feel a bit better.

And that was my opinion before I came across what must surely be the most stylish looking boutique I've seen in Nigeria.

You know how some businesses make a cacophony of noise when they burst on the scene, only to die a very quiet and quick death.

And then some businesses, make a quiet entry. The people in the know are the first to know about it. They all simultaneously fall in love with it, the way you can fall in love with something when its new, unchartered territory, and quite frankly you got there first.

D BOUTIQUE definitely falls into the latter category.

Slowly but surely D BOUTIQUE has been creating a quiet revolution in the way the moneyed women in Abuja shop.

The grand entrance, more in line with the style of an important political arena, lets you know you're about to enter something new, something special and something...expensive.

D BOUTIQUE is slick, stylish, sexy and expensive, just like its owner and just like its shoppers. With a look and feel that can best be compared to the 'fabulous lifestyles of the rich and shameless' calibre of boutiques on Melrose in LA. The decor has been kept simple but stylish, with a striking palette of black white and bright pink. Throw in a little bit of gilt on the mirrors, some glamorously gothic black crystal chandeliers, and a smattering of sparkly cushions and you have one decadent looking boutique. All this and we're not even onto the clothes yet.

In keeping with the laidback sexy aesthetic of LA, the style ethos of D BOUTIQUE is 'casual chic'. Each item in the store is presented with a specific purpose in and function in mind. Yummy mummy going to lunch, moneyed it girl out on a hot date, maverick fashionista hitting the clubs, high rollers looking good enough to eat...D BOUTIQUE has got you covered. No detail is overlooked in their bid to deliver the perfect garments to the most discerning fashion enthusiasts. D BOUTIQUE deliberately seeks out clothes and accessories that are individually designed, aiming for the high levels of quality attained best when things are made by hand.

Jaded By Knight's one of a kind, reworked vintage creations are one of LA's most reputable and cutting edge designers. Their choice of fabrics and avant-garde styles are intrinsically unique and ahead of the pack. Rawyalty tees bring out the bling with their Swarovski embellished patterns (for men and for women). Pair your bling tee with the celeb loved jeans that create the most bodacious butt, True Religion, or Citizens of Humanity if you prefer your glamour with a rock edge, and you're on your way to mastering the art of the casual chic daytime look as loved by the Hollywood elite. Make like the Real Housewives of Orange County (via Abuja) in a sexy low cut and heavily embellished top or dress by Sky. Or if you prefer your daytime attire a little more PG-13, take a look at the collection from Voom and Sweetees.

There's nothing like a shroud of mystery to keep tongues wagging and minds running into overdrive so for now, I'm not telling you who the owner is. I will run his Tiger Bites Q&A next week though. Yes I said HIS. But to keep your minds ticking away, the name D BOUTIQUE was created by the first letter of his surname and boutique sums up the concept of the store "A nice and peaceful area where one comes to relax, take their time and enjoy the day. I believe it's all about the shopping experience".

Uzi’s definitely gunning for style gold with this fabulous spot as he clearly has a firm grip on the stylish weapons in his arsenal. Love it.

Monday........10am to 8pm
Tuesday.......10am to 8pm
Wednesday...10am to 8pm
Thursday......10am to 8pm
Friday...........10am to 8pm
Saturday.......10am to 8pm
Sundays........12pm to 6pm


Office: 0805 768 8888

41 Jimmy Carter Street, Asokoro, off Yakubu Gowon Crescent (Villa Side)
Abuja, Nigeria


xoliquoricexo said...


Tiger Tem said...

In a nutshell, yes!

fantasy queen said...

omg...whereabouts in abuja is it?

i drove over to your shop last week and discovered you had moved out :(

wheres your new location.

Tiger Tem said...


What a shame you didn't know already. I've moved to Ikeja.

Its at 4 Ogundana Street, right next to Ivory Health Club. Any questions, please call my manager Naomi on 0802 828 7612.

Updated post with D BOUTIQUE's address.

Dropsofglamour said...

Wowza! And it's a man's creation too. This is more good news for Nigeria's retail scene.

Gosh Temi, I feel you on the pc situation. Those things are wahala! I've been told apple runs a lot better - my 7 month old pc is already acting up so i may soon be forced to switch to mac forever.

Kemberly said...

Wow! the place looks fabulous! Really stylish and chic. I love the colors...and to think it's owned by a man! You go boy!

Renaissance Man said...

The real question is - who is the head buyer?

It looks great but what about the contents of D Boutique?

Tiger Tem said...

@dropsofglamour...I know, a little unexpected, more info on the man behind the biz next week with his Q&A. The far, so good. Quite like it, and its much smaller than my Dell so a lot more portable which is GREAT!

@kemberley..Absolutely fabulous isn't it? I'm in all types of love with the decor and I'm loving that LA in Abuja vibe.

@renaissance...The owner is the buyer. They're definitely going for the whole laidback LA casual sexy vibe. Your thoughts?

Abujamaiden said...
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Tiger Tem said...

@Abujamaiden...ThisDay Style is pretty strict about pieces focused on one place. They say that would count as a promotional piece and therefore ad rates would need to be paid. If that's what the owner wants it can be done but I'm not sure that's what he wants at this stage.

fantasy queen said...

ikeja? wow, i avoid the mainland as much as i can, especially with bridge closure.
thanks. i'll save the number for when i need it.

2hot4fendi said...

nice place,
loved it when I popped in there
after my friend said I could get pretty cocktail rings there.
Know who owns it, u mentioned his name at some point in ur post too...

Tiger Tem said...

@fantasyqueen....oh, so you're one of 'those' island people!!!!

@2hot4fendi...well spotted.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you still write for Thisday Style, I haven't seen any of your pieces in a while. However, I've noticed that they now have tiger bites 'wannabes'. No offense to anybody, just curious :)

Tiger Tem said...
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Tiger Tem said...

@Anon...yes I do but not with the same frequency I did before.

Partly because my blog is an extension of what I do for them and partly as I used to email my pieces in to the graphic designer who left, the newbie isn't so good with emails and the editor's assistant mysteriously never got the emails!

I've seen some of my old titles in circulation with the new crop of writers so I'll just say imitation is the highest form of flattery...and leave it at that.