Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When I grow up

....I wanna be like the Obamas!!!!

Damn. Just look at these people. I love the way they're just so damn TOGETHER.

And watching the parades he was busting some slightly old man moves and Michelle was happily bopping at his side.

And the kids were looking a little bored but adorable as ever.

Its all so picture perfect...I want it when I grow up!

And if the Mr should ever decide to branch into politics, I'll be bringing the fabulosity to the First Lady wardrobe.

AND I'm not just a pretty face so I'll help out with relevant and useful policies and how to make Nigeria a better place.

Sigh...oh yes, I have a dream too people! (NO chopping government funds and NO jollofing on the job though!!!!!!)


Anonymous said...

Ok I had seen this blog around, but didn't bother to look....I mean "Tiger Tem?" But I'm cutting a slice of humble pie and eating it....this blog ROCKS!! The fashion/websites featured are a breath of fresh air....Bisous

Tiger Tem said...

@Anon...Tiger Tem?

Hope you're enjoying your slice of pie. Don't forget the ice cream. Keep reading the bog, always happy to welcome a new reader.

tyna said...

thanks for lovely pics of President Obama, am truly inspired by the man, the too when i grow up i want to be like them esp his elegant wife

Uzo said...

I was just moved to tears on inauguration day...When he was taking the oath - Michelle was just looking at her man and her eyes said it all....

I have to admit that i expected more from Michelle in terms of her wardrobe...I saw the sketches of dresses for her on a website and they were absolutely stunning...I wasnt too hot on her Day outfit nor her ball dress..But hey....she has the best look of all - adoring wife and mother and that trumps it all

2hot4fendi said...

I love me some Obama's!!!!
Everything about them is so refreshing it makes me happy.
They have the cutest kids too, my word! look how they skipped happily when Jonas brothers performed, lol
I pray hard for mr president each morning, I so want him to succeed...

Tiger Tem said... worries, I think we're all Mrs Me Too on this one!

@Uzo...I know! I was just like after all those years, that is amazing. We should all aspire to such depth and intensity. How are your wedding plans going?

@2hot4fendi...Totally adorable. Don't forget the rest of us in those prayers!