Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tiger's Got Some Brand New Shoes

A very curious thing happened towards the end of last year.

I'm a big believer in buying yourself grand presents. For your birthday, splash out and get that ring you've had your eye on. For Xmas bag yourself that fabulous piece of Arm Candy. When you get a promotion, get yourself those ridiculous shoes you've been lusting after.

Anybody who is honest enough with themselves knows that however great it is to always appreciate the things you worked for yourself...just a little bit more.

So pre-xmas, I decided I was going to get myself some astonishingly nice and serious budget busting shoes.

Off I went to the fanciest department store I could find with my heart set on some Louboutins.

The sales assistant was fantastic, some really old guy (who curiously seemed straight), but had the patience of a saint and the eye of an artisan.

So there I was prancing around in literally every single pair of Louboutins they had.

Kinda liked these, but I've got really skinny feet (who knew there was such a thing) and these just didn't sit right on me. Booooo.

Patent Pumps....simply, stylish, sophisticated, yes. But also, mind-numbingly dull for my shoe taste.

I love the satin D'Orsay pumps but I have seen them just a bit too much to actually want to own them. Can't help but feel it would be a little 'me-too' for my liking.

After all that prancing around I was quite disappointed to realise I didn't actually want any of them. Perhaps its because the autumn/winter collection is more than just a little bit dry and seems to be a not so dazzling array of round toe pumps, and I wasn' feeling the slightly S&M boots either.

Imagine that. After my many years lusting after Louboutins, I'm there all set to buy (FINALLY) and nada. Why is it when you can't buy something you constntly see what you want and then the secodn you'r ready to buy....there's nothing you want.

Anyway, I'll keep my eye on the Spring/Summer collections.

But on the plus side, I did discover another shoe designer that I fell in love with. Cynthia Vincent.

Hadn't heard much about her. I knew she had one of those so cool it hurts clothing labels, but shoes?


Californian born, Parson graduate that cut her teeth in the London fashion industry, Cynthia Vincent has maintained a low profile on a personal level while gaining critical acclaim and a very strong A-List following professionally.

She's a 'Contemporary Designer' as opposed to 'Premium Designer' which is just shop talk for her shoes being under $500.

Now these are some round toe pumps with a bit of personality. Love the subtle stripe detail on the side. $250.

Quite possibly a little too much personality going on here...but they would look fabulous worn to a wedding with a simple black or white shift. And one of those big kahuna hats. Or a fascinating fascinator. (I've got two very friends getting married this summer so closer to the time we'll be looking at a myriad of options for what to wear to weddings)>

I am in LOVE with these shoes. So much I think I might have to go back for them. Its in the subtle shimmer of the metallic silk, the d'orsay shape and the heel...just look at that heel.

And another view from the Cynthia Vincent Loreli from the side. $230.

And I saved my favourites for the last. The uberglam Marilyn's. And they've got the high quality crystal as these shimmer and sparkle. i was drawn to them like a complete magpie. And the bit at the front is really low so you only see a smidgen of your toes, which is a very retro touch, and one that is so damn sexy!

I LOVE these babies and yes, they made it home with me that day.


tyna said...

wow love all these shoes! U would not believe my fav is the patent abt one man's meat, i really love your style i agree with buying urself presents- in a busy world one tends to forget celebrate ourselves.

Tiger Tem said... funny, how true! I guess that's the beauty of having options.

And I absolutely believe in getting yourself what you want to celebrate your fabulous self! Perfect way to put a big smile on your face every time you use/wear it.

sweetandsensible :) said...

been reading your blog for a while, love love love those shoes and the minute i saw the pumps, i was like cute but boring, i really like the first pair tho! you 've seen them around a lot...really...i hadnt noticed

Karis said...

I heart those shoes. They look so beautiful.

Tiger Tem said...

@sweetandsensible..hello, first time you've posted? Yeah, I'd like at least a little excitement in shoes upwards of $500 but that's just me. Its part of my job to pay a lot of attention to 'stuff' so I really notice these things. Nothing kills my passion like ubiquity.

Make sure you keep reading and keep posting!

@Karis...thanks and thanks for the link.

Uzo said...

Loving these Cynthia shoes. I am still waiting for a super expensive pair to turn me on as well....just so i can say i have a pair of Louboutins, Manolos or something....

Have you relocated?

2hot4fendi said...

Wise choice in the end,
Those Marilyns are the hotness.
Just got myself a pair of D'Orsay (not Louboutin's though, lol)
nd now u mention, I do agree with you that they are all over the place too!!!!

Anonymous said...

This post is soooooo on point! Just got promoted at work and decided to splurge on a bag (Coach is the most expensive brand I have to date). Everytime I see something I like online, I see someone with it, either at the hair salon, or out for drinks. And they play it off like the bags are from Aldo or something! Very frustrating I tell you, cos it takes away from the 'itness' of the bag.
I've decided against the bag and settled for jewellery, Tiffany's never disappoints. I've seen the perfect earrings (hoping I can throw in a watch too).

Tiger Tem said...

@Uzo...I totally agree! And especially after I've been obsessing about them in my articles for so long.

Ikeja is still there, it was an interim option, not sure I'll keep it yet. The permanent location is in a new building in Ikoyi, agreed on it last year but its not ready until it is. (Its not the whole building, its quite small this time).

@2hot4fendi..thanks, the Marilyns are just too fab aren't they? Love the D'orsay shape, have quite a few already which is why these ones didn't move me.

@Anon, if you let me know your budget and what you like I'll see if I can help. But yes, jewellery trumps handbags as a real treat anyway.

Anonymous said...

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