Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Great Bag Debate

Five years later and I find myself with the same problem.

I'm looking for the perfect day bag and I can't find one.

It was five years ago the same problem prompted me to start Tiger Tem in the first place. Looking back, I appreciate what an ambitious venture it was, but what's life without some huge challenges?

My criteria this time round...remains spookily the same.
1. I'm not a fan of the status bag. The whole notion of a status bag, says too much about too little and is just a little too chav-tastic for me. Snob? Moi...you betcha.

2. I'm a leather lover

3. I'm open to colour.

4. I'm looking for an east-west bag (i.e. wide as opposed to tall), one that's roomy enough to fit my laptop

5. And I want something that has enough pockets to help keep my life in order.

6. Under $500. Credit crunch ain't no joke.

I am in love with this Alexis Hudson bag! I love the deep, dark, sexy bordeaux leather, I love the vintage inspired shape and I love the twist lock on the front. Dayum, I think I might have lucked out from the start. And the best bit?
Its reduced from $625 to $375 www.bluefly.com

Hmmm, another very understated bag that appeals to me a lot. This is by Brazilian designer Elisa Atheniense. I love the fusion of the snakeskin straps, the contrast overstitching and the buttery soft leather.
$443 www.tobi.com

This bag toes the line between a nice touch of glam and trying a little too hard so the jury's still out. But I like the soft grey leather and the stud details which toughen up the butterfly design on the front. The added touch of snakeskin looks great in the picture but I suspect there might just be a little bit too much going on for my liking.
Betsey Johnson Butterfly Bling (and they just had to kill it with the name).
$395 now $222 www.bloomingdales.com

This shade of orange is usually best left to Hermes but you know what, it works. I love the shape, size and colour of this bag. Its an absolutely fabulous $56 from www.baghaus.com but the only rub...its not real leather.

Who knew Badgley Mischka had launched a line of handbags? And all very moderately priced too. I'm liking the 'Sofia' a lot. Not crazy about the colour though. But its a great shape and size for everyday use. $455 www.saksfifthavenue.com

I love the star patchwork detail and embroidered handle on this Tracy Reese bag. I love the deep denim blue and the contrast the handle offers. Very, very cute.
$365 down to $179...just made it a whole lot cuter! www.smartbargains.com

Ohhh, I fell in love with Liberty all over again last year. Its always been of my favourite underdogs and the genius behind their new own brand accessory line has worked their magic with this Ianthe print leather bag. Love it, need it, want it.
395 for the mini, 450GBP for the small and 550GBP for the medium

Another lesser known brand JJ Winters offers up this piece of fabulousity. Ok, the blue is a tad bright to get much play but I love it anyway. More of a posh beach bag truth be told than an every day bag, but we all need posh beach bags too. $460 www.shopharmony.com

Furla certainly seem to have a new design team in place since the last time I gave them so much as a glance. I hated that hard, stiff leather they used for their bags. It works great for the little leather make up bags and jewellery cases but otherwise...nah. But this, supersoft, chocolate brown bowling bag...I am loving. 335GBP.

But I have to say I'm still madly in love with this Tiger Tem baby from 2005.

And still even more in love with the Goldfinger. Which has hands down been the best selling bag we've launched. New plans in store for this year with the bags. The new Ikoyi spot should FINALLY be ready by easter...ok, lets just say by summer right?!


Emma said...

Summer!? No woman, please say Easter. xx

Ini said...

Temi, how could you say such. Still waiting for my reply. I'm desperately waiting!

SET said...

I got a cole haan bag that my laptop fits into and it has so many compartments I intend to use it for travel and as a handbag. here are some links for bags I think u shud look at. I got the second one in that green.



Tiger Tem said...

@Emma...hello! I'll be doing my damndest but its in a new building in Ikoyi so we're at the mercy of the contractors...who were supposed to have finished at Xmas.

BUT I promise, it will be fabulous. A lot smaller but fabulous.

@Ini...fret not! We're looking checking for you!

@SET...very, very nice. Hadn't paid too much attention to Cole Haan but I actually really like the first one. the shape, size, colour and braided handles.

Ladi said...

House of Nodza is also really nice hand made ankara/ tie dye and leather handbags from Northern Nigeria (whose traditional craft is leather works)...


I love the Tigertem goldfinger.

Any plans for Abuja?

Uzo said...

I am still waiting for my Tiger Tem bag...There is a brown,gold color combo i like...When will the Ikoyi spot me open exactly and where will it be?

Anonymous said...

Yeah can't wait for the new store. Got a pair of red chandelier earrings during the Zebra sale ages ago and I still looooove them. Wore them to a wedding on saturday and got the best compliments.
Hoping to own a tiger tem bag soon :)

Tiger Tem said...

@Ladi...thanks, had a look, cute stuff. Wish her the best of luck. No plans for Abuja for my own store but I'm open to having Tiger Tem stocked in other stores so we'll see.

@Uzo...I know the one you mean. It was a very limited edition but so many people have asked me for it I'll have to do it again. I think its Club Road, sorry can't remember the street name, will check and get back to you. The road with NNPC anyway.

@Anon...yay! Love it when that happens for people. The new jewellery collection is even more fabulous. Promise.