Friday, January 16, 2009

House of Harlow

Another day, another celebrity 'brand'.

So Nicole Richie's jewellery line has finally hit the online retailers. It launched in Kitson, Los Angeles towards the end of last year and its now available from, and

The line is named after her daughter Harlow and the 'House of' os a throwback to a bygone era of old school glamour.

“I’ve always felt that great accessories are essential in every complete outfit and I wanted to create a collection that was easy to mix and match; to either wear alone as an everyday piece, or stack on to make more of a statement,” Nicole said in a press release. House of Harlow 1960,is a 35 piece collection ranging in price from $50 to $250 and inspired by Nicole’s sought-after style. Teaming up with celeb jeweler Pascal Mouawad, Nicole’s line uses leather, silk strings, chains, rivets, gold plated metals, peacock feathers and jewel-tone colors to explore themes like bohemian, gypsy, tribal, flower child and edgy street wear.

I love Nicole Richie's style, she always manages to look cute, sexy in that perfectly laidback and relaxed kind of way. And she always has the best accessories so I guess starting an accessory line was a natural progression. She's definitely channeling her love of all things vintage and the collection is surprisingly good. Retro styling, a distinct look and very affordable prices. Me likey.

The very flower child, trippy hippy and perhaps not all that wearable if you're not Nicole Richie headpiece is $170. I really need to see someone else looking cute in that for me to believe its wearable to the hoi polloi.

A collage of piece from the House of Harlow collection by

These Aztec inspired Gold, resin and black stone earrings are a recessionista friendly price at $32.

These feather inspired earrings are more dramatic and perfect for an evening out,$75.

I love the fact that this Aztec bangle is made with leather. $75.

House of Harlow 1960, Sunburst Stations necklace.

"African jewellery inspired this ring" why did she have to go and say that? I like the ring though. $45.

House of Harlow 1960, Hinged cuff.


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