Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm with J

Another day, another dollar.

A not so new brand has popped up on my horizon recently.

I'd always dismissed them as being a little too Ivy League preppy. You know the kind of preppy that's a caricature of preppy.

But then I went into their store.

And then even better than that, I went onto their website.

A+ for effort for the stylists and photographers. And the model bookers as this website just wanted to make me own EVERYTHING they're selling.

And the best bit is with the post-xmas credit crunch, the sales are looking rather inviting.

I know I'm not with Vince and his Entourage, but I definitely think I'm rolling with J and his Crew.


A white tank and blue jeans. Very simple but the way its been styled with that certain je ne sais quoi. 3 tanks for $20. And they look as if they're slightly long which makes sure you're always saying no to crack, no matter how low riding your low riders are. Love it, love it, love it.

Bright red trousers always makes me think of Spain. i swear, I've never been anywhere in the world where the men and women wear bright red trousers as much as Spain. Anyway, these fabulously sophisticated looking cords come in a wide range of colours are are reduced from $79 to $19. I love a well cut, well fitting pair of cords in Autumn, Winter and Spring so if you haven't discovered the ass-tastic properties of fitted corduroy, this might just be the ticket.

Very preppy but i love it. I love the way this big button cashmere henley been styled with the ruffle collar shirt, gold belt, mustard skirt and jade clutch. I wouldn't wear it that way (I'd go for superskinny skinnies and heels) but it just looks fabulous. Want it.

See? Even when you're totally chilling out at the weekend you can look equally fabulous. i think its the off kilter colour combinations that really do it for me. I abhor matchy-matchy, its all about the carefully executed contrast. Jade green and mustard, hadn't thought of that one before. Loving it. And two 'Perfect Fit' Mandarin collar Henley tops for $35? Love it even more.

I'm in all types of love with this coat, the Double Cloth Lady Day Coat. Reduced from $330 to $149. They fit like a dream and I would buy one if I didn't get an extremely fabulous coat for Xmas. See...I'm trying really hard at this moderation with shopping thing this year.

I would never have thought of wearing this skirt like this, but its just Cashmere Mafia (RIP) fabulous. The Double Serge pencil skirt is just all types of office sexy and its reduced from $128 to $79. Go on, buy it, make the men in the office weak. The skinny belt (which is making a comeback) really adds something. I'd like to thank my two little nieces for the pink stingray skinny belt they got me for Xmas. Too cute!

They have a wedding and party collection which has some surprisingly fabulous dresses. Like this one, The Silk Tricotine Cecelia dress. Don't know about getting married in it, but it is very sexy in that skims-the-bod-in-all-the-right-places kind of way.

Another dress from the wedding and party collection, this is the Silk Taffeta Kate and its not my usual style but I love it. And that fabulous shade of champagne. I defy you to not look a million dollars in this baby.

And then there's the J Crew Collection which is a a new offshoot that's just seen them open their first J Crew Collection stand alone store. And quite frankly with a homepage like this, why wouldn't you want to hotfoot it down there?

The milk chocolate cashmere coat, the bright pink scarf, the beaded belt and the surprisingly sexy jacquard trousers. J Crew Collection...Me likey.

Who knew it was possible to work so many layers and manage to look so chic. I'll draw the line at the 'khaki pants' though. For men only. Loving those sparkly shoes though.

J Crew Collection at its sexy secretary finest. Why is it only on TV and in magazines anyone manages to actually look like a sexy secretary? And can anyone tell me what on earth is sexy about secretaries anyway? Enough for that to be one of the strongest typically sexy female stereotypes. I just don't get it. Surely the broad with the corner office is a bit more enticing?

I love travelling, I love travel accessories and two of my all time favourite brands are Valextra and Globetrotter. Not for the faint of hard or weak of pocket but damn, I want this suitcase!


Dropsofglamour said...

I especially like the styling for the Double Serge pencil skirt. The colour palette is devine.

SET said...

I agree with you on the whole fabulous new look for jcrew, its more exciting now. Love the picks, the red pencil skirt and the sweater, red pants, well all of them are beautiful.

tyna said...

yeah i agree the jcrew new looks are more exciting, am actually feeling them now...love the lady day coat am thinking of getting that in black!

Uzo said...

Those sale prices are insane....Fab

Tiger Tem said...

@dropsofglamour....I'm so in love with teh colour palette. I will most definitely be emulating as much a possible.

@SET...amazing what a difference a little photoshop and creative styling can make n'est pas?

@Tyna...the coat is almost too fabulous to choose black. Seriously, I'm in all types of love with the purple but one woman can't possibly justify TWO purple coats!

@Uzo..totally agree. I just need to take a closer look at the sizing and then I'll let you all know what i go for.