Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I See You Baby - SAG Awards

Don't know about you but for me far more interesting than who won what is who wore what.

So without further ado.....I See You Baby.

Evan Rachel Wood is looking less like a vampire and more like a vamp now that she's rid herself of the decidely not-alright-in-la-cabeza Marilyn Manson.
I'm loving this deep shade of teal on her Monique Lhuillier dress, very reminiscent of Nicole Kidman in that Gucci dress (Golden Globes in 1995).
Love the contrast Evan has provided with the bright pink Sergio Rossi clutch and heels.

And for those who can't remember this is Nicole's Gucci dress.

Emily Blunt is a quintessential English Rose and to date I think she stole the show in Devil Wears Prada. Love the hair and makeup but this Pamela Roland dress is just vintage showgirl and n.a.s.t.y.

Isn't it amazing what dating a con man has done for Anne Hathaway's publicity? Clearly her PR people know how to play the press like a piano. Props.
This Azzaro dress, hmmm, leaves me feeling a little undecided.
Its almost gorgeous. Almost fabulous.
Close but no cigar.

Now here's some serious A-List untouchable glamour. Angelina looks amazing. The Max Azria dress would probably look crap on most people but it looks divine on this mother of what is it 6? 7?
I love the dusky dark blue, love the simple gold hoops, love the understated makeup with a heavy handed dose of liquid liner and I even love the borderline bouffant hair!

Amy Adams is a great actress. Love, love, love the colour of this Giambattista Valli dress. Not feeling the make up. I think its the red lips, not a fan under the best of circumstances and I think either a nude or much deeper rouge noir-esque colour would work better.

Reminds me a little of my Black halo dress that I'm still obsessed with (maybe the obsession will wane when I finally wear it).

Actually looking at them side by side, sorry Giambattista Valli but I prefer my Black Halo!

Olivia Wilde (who?) looking a little like a Grinch stole not just Christmas but her breakfast (and lunch, and dinner).

Not crazy about the Ralph Lauren Art Deco dress. Its that satiny chevron pleated detail around the hips. Me no likey.
Love the halter neck, they seem to be making a bit of a comeback for sexy evening gowns.
Love the soft wavy hair and the gold jewellery too.

I was getting all excited about Kyra Sedgwick looking so hot for her age in Vintage Chanel.
Then I checked her age.
She's only 44. Scary.

Kate Winslet looking smug as a bug who trumped the cat that got the cream.
She's filling out her Narciso Rodriguez dress in the best way possible.
He's one of my favourite designers, understated, glamorous, sophisticated.
And how HOT is this majestic shade of blue? Love it!

January Jones reminding us she's not as blah as her Delia Smith-esque character on mad men.
There's quite a bit going on with this Andrew Gn number but i think she pulls off the Cleopatra look.
Just about. Love the make up too. Must try that.

Freida Pinto is just the cutest new starlet to hit the scene in forever.
So far (well the Golden Globes and these) she's turned up looking fabulous AND stands out in what seems to be her own style.
She doesn't look like anyone else, she's not morphing into Young, Hot Hollywood and she's ethnic! Yaaaayyyy!
Love, love, love, love this Marchesa dress on her. Not an easy dress to wear but I'm loving it.

Your thoughts?


Chineze Osayi said...

They all look good. I think i beg to differ about Angelina Jolie, am not sure about her Greek type of dressing, these days. In my humble opinion it does nothing to emphasize her sexiness and vitality that she used to ooze sometime, way back, if may say so..maybe it is me...maybe...

Anyway, that is what i thought..

Dropsofglamour said...

Hi Tiger! How have you been? Very thorough review of the red carpet. Kate really does prove that curves ARE sexy, lol! Some of my favs not on your list were: Tarija p. Henson in a white Herve Leroux gown - lurave the neckline. I also loved Jenna fischer's Pamella Roland gown and how she paired it with Renee Caovilla slingbacks and that long Neil Lane necklace - TDF!

Uzo said...

Hey You...

The wedding plans are going well thanks to a planner....I will be sure to send you an evite once its ready in case you want to drop by...

Dont agree about Angelina Jolie...I mean i dont get it..her dress at teh golden globes was similar wasnt it?

Tiger Tem said...

@Chineze..I seem to stand alone thinking Angelina looked hot! Maybe she's going for a different type of sexiness, a less obvious type. I think the Grecian thing looks crap on most people but it suits her.

@Dropsofglamour..hello! I'm good. How's life in Nigeria treating you? What are you up? I didn't see Taraji or Jenna's dresses, looking now. Ok, going to do an update post on them!

@Uzo..good to hear. If you need any suggestions let me know and I'll do a post on it. The waistline of the Golden Globes dress was kinda similar but I definitely prefer this one.