Saturday, April 26, 2008

You May Kiss The Bride...Mwah!


I don't do bridal.

I find all that white frippery, tulle, lace, silk satin, dupion, duchesse...more than just a little bit mind boggling to say the least.

BUT I do seem to have a rather persistent reader who is getting married soon and has been 'consistently' emailing me for suggestions. I politely directed her to type 'bride' and 'wedding dress' into google but to no avail. Unlike the party jollof eating masses in cities like Lagos, I'm not a fan.

After receiving what must be the 14th email (we seem to average one a week for the past 3 months)....I have relented as I aim to keep my readers happy.

H asked for my 'unique and stylishly sophisticated take on a different and more modern look for a wedding' (with those words she really should join my PR team!). So I've had a good look around and I've put together a selection of the more unusual and quirky looks which I think could be easily adapted to work well for most budgets and styles.

So dear H, I give you BRIDAL!!!


This must be the most adorable pic I've seen in a long time of a little bridesmaid and page boy. They look, fun, funky, stylish....from Italian label Simonetta. The chocolate brown is an unusual colour choice but I think it looks fab.

I'm in all types of love with this picture (well apart from the brides dress anyway). Aside from the fact they make an exceptionally good looking bridal train...who upon closer inspection all look like brother and sisters...I love the bold shades of pink, the touch of lavender and the fact the grooms suit is navy (not so sure about the bright pink tie but to each his own). The colours all work well together and look stylishly sophisticated and contemporary.

This is a very English Rose in Notting Hill look from Little Jo. Love the simple flattering V neck lace dress on the bride and loving the differing shades of blue on the bridesmaids. Not sure this much headgear would work so well in reality...I'd say start off with one corsage in the hair each and build it up from there to avoid looking a tad like a madhatter.

Again a very English Rose look from Little Jo. I love the fact that they're all pretty much wearing cocktail/party dresses (which they can wear again). The coral is an interesting colour choice and I think the variety of shades and prints works a treat. Again, easy on the headgear but it does look fab for the shoot. Love the clutch on the right...and of course I will strongly recommend cute clutch bags instead of flowers. I did a selection of Tiger Tem clutches for a customer (they all had the same turquoise clutch but with different huge sparkly brooches and I must say the end result was very impressive!)

Now onto the 'gowns'.

Love this look from Romona Keveza. Its a superstylish look that's definitely eccentric in a good way. And that corset is majorly flattering. I'd probably lose the hat but otherwise love it. It takes a lot of confidence to pull off such an individual look on your big day...but if you can, rock on with your bad self.

And next up we have a classic pretty pretty look from Anita Massarella. The thing I love the most about this look is its so feminine, classic yet contemporary and looks comfy too. The soft hair style softens the look even more and creates an easy, breezy, stylish and modern look.

Simple, stylish, classic and kinda traditional. Switch up the ribbon to work with whatever your colour theme is for your wedding. From Berketex Bride (they sound reasonably priced...I'm trying to provide a range of prices here!)

Vera Wang. A stylish and contemporary offering.

Make like Gwen Stefani and add a touch of pink (or any other colour that tickles your fancy) Gwen's was Galliano (I think) but this is from Greek designer Sophia Tolli.

I wouldn't normally recommend taking style tips from crackheads but this beehive looks fab and classic in a vintage inspired way. Just watch the height of the hive to avoid any unnecessary comparisons between yourself and a rather well known wino. Switch the white beads to pearls and ease up on the gel in the grooms hair and I think this would look absolutely fabulous. Oh and the dress is from Le Spose De Gio...all that detail on the fabric...hit or miss? You decide.

Monique Lhuillier is a hot name in bridal gowns and this lace creation is sexy yet suitable demure for a blushing bride.

Oscar De La Renta is the grand-daddy of classic couture style and this dress is very Audrey Hepburn and this look makes classic is contemporary.

And that's enough bridal for me. Any future readers asking for bridal will be re-directed back to here!!!

That's my take and I'd like to pass the baton onto a regular reader MARION from THE HOUSE OF're a stylist me-lady so lets see you work some of that style magic on this topic please!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hair today gone tomorrow?

Okay, I confess I'm the ultimate girlie girl and I'm capable of spending undue amounts of time wondering what to do with my hair next and promptly doing nada.

But I am feeling a little bored at the moment and while I must confess to being so throughly bored of the masses of faux i.e. the weave/tracks/call it what you want...its a little bit ubiquitous now as there are far fewer women around these days irrespective of race with all their own hair (and yes I know VB still has bits in, even with the short hair). I've been faux free for well over a year but you know...I'm starting to miss it.

So dear reader over to you.

Whatr should I do with my hair next?

Long and lovely?

Or Short and Sharp?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Let's Talk About Sex

The countdown has begun and in case you didn't already know I'm totally obsessed with Sex and the City. Loved the show when it was on and my box set is my ultimate go to when I want to chill out and watch something. (my ADD means I'm not that good at watching films). We have just about a month to go as the film is released on May 29th...a date that's been etched in my memory for months.

The storylines, the witty banter, the fabulous characters, the sexy city, the glamourous lives and oh my oh my....the clothes.

So as we all eagerly anticipate our lives being graced with the magic that is Sex and The City...I've done some mighty fine research to bring you my favourite outfits from the show.

Nothing much to report from Season 1 (i.e. no budget) so we'll start with Season 2.

LOVE this dress. Donna Karan at her finest. They way it moves and shimmers and reveals a little more leg than you probably should at a wedding, supremely sexy...all that and Big walks out to take a call while she's giving her speech. Ah well.

Charlotte wore the hell out of this Richard Tyler dress to a wedding. Black, plunging halterneck....once again a little va-va-voom for a wedding but when you look that hot who cares about propriety?

And moving onto season 4. Carrie rocked this beautiful Badgley Mischka dress to a wedding with Aidan. And that hair is fierce. Love this dress so much it gets two pictures...but you really need to see the back.

How bridal can a woman look when she's refusing to wear her (Harry Winston no less!) engagement ring...and chooses to wear it on a necklace as that 'keeps it closer to her heart'. That's priceless commitment-phobia in full effect. Gotta love the show.

Still on season 3 and unlike a lot of people at the time, loved the haircut and I'm so in love with that Vivienne Westwoood suit. Now that's what I call a suit.

Onto season 4 and Carrie brings the sex to the city with this fabulous killer outfit. The apple green Vivienne Westwood skirt worn with the sexy Chloe top and vintage belt...was she on the rebound? This looks like the perfect rebound outfit so if she wasn't and you know what to do.

One of the more left of centre looks but I love it. Patricia Field does an amazing job of championing the lesser known designers and this Imitation of Christ dress looks fabulous, worn with Manolos and a Lulu Guinness striped tote.

Killing the primaries with this gorgeous Tracy Feith colour block dress...and the strawberry Kenneth Jay Lane necklace that sparked a huge global trend.

Onto season 5, the short season. And my word did Patricia Field work some magic at making diaphonous look...diaphonous and not I'm-trying-really-hard-to-not-look-preggers. Love this cute classic little Marni jacket with a fabulously feminine floral dress.

Charlotte looking demure and sexy in a vintage duck egg blue top. Love, love, love the super feminine style they worked with for Charlotte.

Season 6 was the jackpot season for wardrobe. Miranda...wasn't so keen on her wardrobe for the most part but I guess they had to work with the job (lawyer). Loved this Ilya frock on her though and the colour really suits her. And Charlotte looking cute as a button in a Plenty by Tracy Reese dress.

Charlotte got married to Harry in this Audrey Hepburn inspired Badgley Mischka dress.

At Miranda's autumn wedding Carrie wore this beautiful Badgley Mischka dress with a superpretty Luisa Beccaria floral print dress coat (you can just about see it draped over the back of her chair). Love the updo too.

The chick managed to look hot doing jury duty. And created a global sell-out for Manolo with those shoes. Cute hair too.

Fabulous, fabulous Marc Jacobs cocktail dress. And didn't she handle Edith fawning over Alexandre like a champ?

And with a cheeky nod to the Jane Austen era strumpet...Charlotte wore this Ralph Lauren corset well. Very well. Almost enough to make me want to own some Ralph Lauren.

In case you didn't know, I love purple and I loved, loved, loved this Sonia Rykiel jumper dress. It had sold out by the time I found out who it was by but i did eventually get my hands on something incredibly similar and yes, I still love it to bits.

Shall we dance? Nobody does couture like Oscar De La Renta and the dude is 75 and still going strong. Gotta respect that. A classic moment as Carrie passed out outside the opera and they ended up having their dinner and dance at McDeux.

They milked the hell out of the American in Paris with wardrobe but what's a great love story without un petit peu de fromage? And naturally they waved the American flag with the Jill Stuart dress and the Delaura hat, and said 'allo to the French with the Balenciaga coat, Rochas gloves and Christian Louboutin shooboots. Nice.

And going deeper with all things French, I loved this Balenciaga dress (very Minnie Mouse) with the cute Christian Lacroix coat and of course, Christian Louboutin heels.

The most classic all-dressed-up-and-nowhere-to-go outfit I've ever seen. A little OTT perhaps but when in France do as the Americans do...and overdress. JUST JOKING! It was an easy one. And effort is often overrated.

And we leave the girls back in their sexy city looking fabulous. Abso-figgin-lutely baby.

p.s. if you want to check out pics from the film take a look at

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tiger Tem is MOVING!

Hey people,

Sorry for the distinct lack of posts but the NITEL strike left me sans internet for a few days and its all systems go with the Ikeja move. We will finally be opening our doors at our new branch on MONDAY! I'll put some pics up in a week or so as I know I'll be obsessively moving bits around until I feel it looks perfect.

We will be leaving our 22 Musa Yaradua location at the end of next week! A massive thank you for the amazing support so far. Its been a journey and a half, Nigeria is not for the naive novice!!! But we’re still standing….and we’re only just getting warmed up.

Its been almost 3 years and its served us well but in the spirit of embracing change (and a landlord that wants to redevelop the premises to yet another over priced high rise block of flats) off we go….to Ikoyi.

On Monday we will officially open doors for business at our first IKEJA branch. From 9am onwards. It’s a soft opening so pop in when you can and we’ll be organising a proper launch event at the end of May.

The address is 4 Ogundana Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja. Its at the front of Ivory Health Club which is where Bobby’s salon has been for years.

Its small but perfectly formed so I hope you enjoy shopping with us there.

And for the Island people that only visit Ikeja when they’re on their way to the airport..there will be a little bit of a wait I’m afraid!

We’re opening an IKOYI branch at the NNPC building in September. Its going to be fabulous, very fabulous. As I have copious amounts of time to work on the interior….and you know how much I love a new project. An unlikely choice of location but trust me when I say I know it will work!

But in the meantime I will be hosting a series of TIGER TEM AT HOME TEA PARTIES. The basic plan is in conjunction with valued customers, me and my team will bring Tiger Tem to you for an afternoon, with lots of our fabulously sparkly jewellery, sophisticated and elegant clutch bags, cheeky tshirts and of course lots of vino, some scrumptious scones, proper finger sandwiches, brownies, apple scrumble, and a selection of delectable bites.

The hostess gets some serious Tiger Tem perks, for providing the people (with their chequebooks) and we provide the fun, games, shopping, booze and food. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

If you’re interested in hosting a Tiger Tem At Home Tea Party, just email me on facebook or We can come to your home, your office or just about anywhere else you think could be a great location for a fun afternoon.

p.s. We’re working on the rest of the world too….Tiger Tem can now be found in 10 retailers across America, London and Dubai. I know its not many but it’s a start.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Tiger's Daily Bite - Golden Shower

Yeah I know, I just can't leave Kells alone.

But neither can my secret addiction They said and I quote "His glow in the dark crispy bootleg Sisqo self gets a fat Hells No from me. But you decide…


Oh man, I LOVE that site!

Here's the pic so let me know what you think.

Well the details of the case did let us all know he was into Golden Showers. Mr Pied-Flippin-Piper....I still think that's such a bad joke.

Tiger's Daily Bite - Three outfits with one pair of shoes

Take one fabulous pair of gladiators, a divine Chloe skirt, three cheap as chips tops and three showstopping decadent cuffs...

And you have the recipe for three fabulously-sexy-in-a-minimal-effort-way outfits.

Me likey.

Yellow top
Pink top
Black top
Black leopard cuff
Swarovski cuff by Tom Binns
Pink cuff by Christian Lacroix.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tiger's Daily Bite - Yay Or Nay

I love me some McQueen but I want to know what you all think of this dress....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008 - Heartbreaker ft Cheryl Cole OFFICIAL VIDEO

I saw this video on spanking new last night and could not quite believe my eyes. Cheryl Cole? WTF? Cheryl cole? as in her from Girls Aloud.....I guess Big Willy's working on a British invasion.

Cheryl's hot but couldn't he find some talent?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Usher feat.Young Jeezy-Love In This Club {Official Video}

One of my favourite songs at the moment. The video is a little ho hum though. But then again I'm sure you've all heard to salacious rumours of his wife oozing more than her fair share of Hater-ade on the set. I guess its the insecurities talking but oh just zip it. We can't believe he married you either.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Tiger's Daily Bite...Triple Threat

The last triple threat went down a treat so here's my next one.

I'm soooo getting this dress! It had me at hello.

You can never have too many LBDs.
Its strapless which is my favourite dress shape.
And the cute origami inspired shape is bang on trend.

I'm in all shades of love with this fabulous gold Hélène Zubeldia cuff. Its the hottest hue for jewellery at the moment, its got that ethnic touch and its a real standout piece. With this you need no other jewellery. And yes I fully intend to get one for myself! From fab new website

And what's a fabulous outfit without un petit peu de Tiger Tem? This clutch just sold out and I sooo wanted to keep one for myself.

Who's Bad?


My name’s Tiger and I’m an addict.

A Brothers & Sisters addict. (that the ABC show I’m talking about).

My addiction crept up on me slowly when we got the box set. I’d watched about half an hour of an episode and didn’t feel any inclination to watch another.

But then I got started on it, right from the beginning. And when you actually follow the show properly…my word, is that some addictive stuff.

It covers a really broad spectrum of human behaviour, its funny, its sad, its witty and its insanely well written. I’ll mention a few from time to time but the first big whammy that sent me reeling was this.

Sweet, devoted wife, mother of 5, happy homemaler, Nora finds out her beloved husband Bill, who was the original posterboy for great behaviour, had a mistress he kept quiet for 20 years. He’d bought the scarlet woman a house 15 minutes from his main family home. AND they had a child that he kept on the DL too. So far, so Nigerian….

But here’s the real clinch. Nora’s dear brother, Sol, who’s been a right hand man in the family business for years and years…starts dating the mistress. What? Rewind? How?

So to get us all really awake on a Monday morning…tell me, what would you do in that situation? As Nora, the brother OR the mistress? Have fun with this one!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tiger's Daily Bite...I like to poke

I like to poke fun. Especially after such a serious and wordy post (see below).

Haven't done a daily bite for a while. Been pretty rushed off my feet for the past few weeks. Ikeja is shaping up nicely. My inspiration has been a chocolate box. I'll let you know if I'm still running with that theme after the weekend. Everyone I've explained it to so far remains entirely unconvinced....but I've never let that stop me before..(unless after all's said and done I don't like how it looks).

So here's a bumper dose of Celebtastic Daily Bites to tide you over the weekend!

Just found a pic of fiddy and his baby momma...who knew!

Quincy, Quincy, Quincy. Here's the GranDaddy of Soul (age 70something) with his 20 year old girlfriend Heba Elawadi...a budding fashion designer. Hey, it worked for Georgina Chapman (you know...owns Marchesa...married to Harvey Weinstein....granddaddy of Hollywood)

Little and large. Now I've met B (yeah my buddy B) many moons ago, but she's about my height at best....and I'm not tall. And she's slimmer than she looks in my question is how TINY is Eva?

There was something about Fergie's MAC campaign that looked a little odd to me. She looked very...different.

Then I found out. One of the funniest things I've read in a long time. A blogger (JustJared I think) accused the art director of this shoot of photoshopping the 'meth face' off Fergie. Meth face! Hysterical.....but true. That's one of the things I like about Fergie, her meth face! Ok, I'm being mean...but oh so true!

I love me some Lauryn. Listening to her now actually. But damn. Say no to crack people. And just in case this pic isn't enough of a deterrent, google Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones...that face makes him my favourite poster boy for any say no to crack campaign.

A penny for your thoughts?

For the most part I like Tyra but damn, ain't photoshop grand?

And lets end on a happy note......

Sanaa Lathan aka The Hotness. Wowza, she's WEARING that dress. Looks like a Dolce. I want one. Now.

Enjoy and if you can't be good, have fun being bad.