Saturday, April 26, 2008

You May Kiss The Bride...Mwah!


I don't do bridal.

I find all that white frippery, tulle, lace, silk satin, dupion, duchesse...more than just a little bit mind boggling to say the least.

BUT I do seem to have a rather persistent reader who is getting married soon and has been 'consistently' emailing me for suggestions. I politely directed her to type 'bride' and 'wedding dress' into google but to no avail. Unlike the party jollof eating masses in cities like Lagos, I'm not a fan.

After receiving what must be the 14th email (we seem to average one a week for the past 3 months)....I have relented as I aim to keep my readers happy.

H asked for my 'unique and stylishly sophisticated take on a different and more modern look for a wedding' (with those words she really should join my PR team!). So I've had a good look around and I've put together a selection of the more unusual and quirky looks which I think could be easily adapted to work well for most budgets and styles.

So dear H, I give you BRIDAL!!!


This must be the most adorable pic I've seen in a long time of a little bridesmaid and page boy. They look, fun, funky, stylish....from Italian label Simonetta. The chocolate brown is an unusual colour choice but I think it looks fab.

I'm in all types of love with this picture (well apart from the brides dress anyway). Aside from the fact they make an exceptionally good looking bridal train...who upon closer inspection all look like brother and sisters...I love the bold shades of pink, the touch of lavender and the fact the grooms suit is navy (not so sure about the bright pink tie but to each his own). The colours all work well together and look stylishly sophisticated and contemporary.

This is a very English Rose in Notting Hill look from Little Jo. Love the simple flattering V neck lace dress on the bride and loving the differing shades of blue on the bridesmaids. Not sure this much headgear would work so well in reality...I'd say start off with one corsage in the hair each and build it up from there to avoid looking a tad like a madhatter.

Again a very English Rose look from Little Jo. I love the fact that they're all pretty much wearing cocktail/party dresses (which they can wear again). The coral is an interesting colour choice and I think the variety of shades and prints works a treat. Again, easy on the headgear but it does look fab for the shoot. Love the clutch on the right...and of course I will strongly recommend cute clutch bags instead of flowers. I did a selection of Tiger Tem clutches for a customer (they all had the same turquoise clutch but with different huge sparkly brooches and I must say the end result was very impressive!)

Now onto the 'gowns'.

Love this look from Romona Keveza. Its a superstylish look that's definitely eccentric in a good way. And that corset is majorly flattering. I'd probably lose the hat but otherwise love it. It takes a lot of confidence to pull off such an individual look on your big day...but if you can, rock on with your bad self.

And next up we have a classic pretty pretty look from Anita Massarella. The thing I love the most about this look is its so feminine, classic yet contemporary and looks comfy too. The soft hair style softens the look even more and creates an easy, breezy, stylish and modern look.

Simple, stylish, classic and kinda traditional. Switch up the ribbon to work with whatever your colour theme is for your wedding. From Berketex Bride (they sound reasonably priced...I'm trying to provide a range of prices here!)

Vera Wang. A stylish and contemporary offering.

Make like Gwen Stefani and add a touch of pink (or any other colour that tickles your fancy) Gwen's was Galliano (I think) but this is from Greek designer Sophia Tolli.

I wouldn't normally recommend taking style tips from crackheads but this beehive looks fab and classic in a vintage inspired way. Just watch the height of the hive to avoid any unnecessary comparisons between yourself and a rather well known wino. Switch the white beads to pearls and ease up on the gel in the grooms hair and I think this would look absolutely fabulous. Oh and the dress is from Le Spose De Gio...all that detail on the fabric...hit or miss? You decide.

Monique Lhuillier is a hot name in bridal gowns and this lace creation is sexy yet suitable demure for a blushing bride.

Oscar De La Renta is the grand-daddy of classic couture style and this dress is very Audrey Hepburn and this look makes classic is contemporary.

And that's enough bridal for me. Any future readers asking for bridal will be re-directed back to here!!!

That's my take and I'd like to pass the baton onto a regular reader MARION from THE HOUSE OF're a stylist me-lady so lets see you work some of that style magic on this topic please!


Kira Fashion said...


i think when a marriage envolves love, it´s the best day for a man and a woman, and all the brides are really so shinning! it´s the day that all women are in most beauty!

nice post!

a kiss for you,


Anonymous said...

feeling the Romona Keveza sans hat. the sleeves with the high collar and the corset = nice.
now i know why men aren't supposed to see the bride before the ceremony.... they'd have to do a naming ceremony right after.

anonymous gal said...

4 someone who is not into weddin fashion wow. u shld think of it. wow

how was ur weekend

anonymous gal said...

4 someone who is not into weddin fashion wow. u shld think of it. wow

how was ur weekend

Tiger Tem said...

@anon...thanks but I have no desire to be involved with weddings in a professional capacity! I would always be happy to help a friend but any more than that...and I'll bow out to the true professionals.

Weekend was good thanks. Feeling a little fluey but I'm hoping it will pass without getting worse.


Kira Fashion said...


you are in my links od the day ;)

a kiss and a hug,


Anonymous said...

I guess, you're the bride, honey bunch. Or are you married, sweetie?

Tiger Tem said...

@anon...they are very 'me' but as far as I understand it was my type of style H wanted. I'll let you know what she has to say after she's had a chance to take a look.

Kira Fashion said...

hi dear!

thanks a lot for passing at my blog!

have a nice day and please! keep in touch!

see you,

Simi Speaks said...

Ur selections r great! (and daring) :-)

dunno, still love the whole princess ball gown look. yea, u guessed right! mine was as ball as u can get! lol..

btw, are there any wine/cigar bars in lagos that u know of?

Anonymous said...

Wow Tiger. These are fabulous. Given me lots of new inspiration for my wedding. Thanks a lot and I'll be emailing you with a few questions soon.


Uzo said...

I love weddings, am planning one and while i am not a fan of overly poufy dresses, i still love the idea of wearing something so decadent..The Monique Lhullier dress i have seen in cheaper variants...

I love weddings...

I am suprised that you are not a wedding person though...

About that lovely idea we are working on, definitely a yes for my do but my gig isnt for a bit but its a date of sorts.

My gmail account has locked me out.. :-)