Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tiger Tem is MOVING!

Hey people,

Sorry for the distinct lack of posts but the NITEL strike left me sans internet for a few days and its all systems go with the Ikeja move. We will finally be opening our doors at our new branch on MONDAY! I'll put some pics up in a week or so as I know I'll be obsessively moving bits around until I feel it looks perfect.

We will be leaving our 22 Musa Yaradua location at the end of next week! A massive thank you for the amazing support so far. Its been a journey and a half, Nigeria is not for the naive novice!!! But we’re still standing….and we’re only just getting warmed up.

Its been almost 3 years and its served us well but in the spirit of embracing change (and a landlord that wants to redevelop the premises to yet another over priced high rise block of flats) off we go….to Ikoyi.

On Monday we will officially open doors for business at our first IKEJA branch. From 9am onwards. It’s a soft opening so pop in when you can and we’ll be organising a proper launch event at the end of May.

The address is 4 Ogundana Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja. Its at the front of Ivory Health Club which is where Bobby’s salon has been for years.

Its small but perfectly formed so I hope you enjoy shopping with us there.

And for the Island people that only visit Ikeja when they’re on their way to the airport..there will be a little bit of a wait I’m afraid!

We’re opening an IKOYI branch at the NNPC building in September. Its going to be fabulous, very fabulous. As I have copious amounts of time to work on the interior….and you know how much I love a new project. An unlikely choice of location but trust me when I say I know it will work!

But in the meantime I will be hosting a series of TIGER TEM AT HOME TEA PARTIES. The basic plan is in conjunction with valued customers, me and my team will bring Tiger Tem to you for an afternoon, with lots of our fabulously sparkly jewellery, sophisticated and elegant clutch bags, cheeky tshirts and of course lots of vino, some scrumptious scones, proper finger sandwiches, brownies, apple scrumble, and a selection of delectable bites.

The hostess gets some serious Tiger Tem perks, for providing the people (with their chequebooks) and we provide the fun, games, shopping, booze and food. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

If you’re interested in hosting a Tiger Tem At Home Tea Party, just email me on facebook or We can come to your home, your office or just about anywhere else you think could be a great location for a fun afternoon.

p.s. We’re working on the rest of the world too….Tiger Tem can now be found in 10 retailers across America, London and Dubai. I know its not many but it’s a start.



Anonymous said...

Fabulousness! Where can we find your purses in Dubai? I'll be there this summer and I'd love to take a look...

Charizard said...

wow tem...this is really great...u've got the clocks in ma head ticking as per ur home tea thinkin is ur tea party also available for younger university peeps?

Tiger Tem said...

@anon...S*uce in the Village Mall (voted best boutique by Grazia many, many times) and

@Charizard...absolutely! Its open to everyone who's interested. Just send me an email and we'll work it out the right items for your crew.

Simi Speaks said...

brillant idea. love it!

too bad am not in 9ja. But my folks live in opebi. so will deftly be stopping by when we are in town.

so where in the states can i find ur stuff?

Renaissance Man said...

Good Good News Tiger Tem. We're all very proud of your endeavours and we shall remain,

Stephanie said...

Hey Tiger....Great work!!!Welldone,keep motivating us.Hopefully when i'm in lagos will drop again and splurge.Meanwhile do you have your tea parties in lagos only?

Anonymous said...

Its a great idea for hen nights! My idea of perfection if u throw in pampering, lol.

Tiger Tem said...

@simi...make sure you do.

(updating website so store listings will be on there but so far mainly california).

@renaissance....thank you!

@stephanie...thanks, will do my bit. Got asked yesterday to do one in Abuja sometime next month. I'd like to get a few hostesses to work together on the Tea Parties in Abuja as I think that would work best.

@anon....what a good idea! I'm sure I can pool resources together and find a fab team to work with. Hmm, that is a fabulous idea. Thanks.

Hen night anyone?

Uzo said...

This is tres fabulous...I was just thinking...your tea parties sound divine..I would love to have my bridal shower revolve around a Tiger Tem party/....How would that work?

And the Ikeja location is a God send since Bobby's is my salon even though they have moved down the street....

anonymous gal said...

cool.that means by Dec u wld open ur Abj office-lookin 4ward to that as i feel left out being that im not in lag.


fabulous! Best of luck as you move darling!

SET said...

Congrats, you are doing well.

Ifeomaadiagwuagwu said...

Ten retailers across the globe!!! Girl, you've really done well for yourself, i daresay. Congrats.

Tiger Tem said...

@uzo...sounds like a plan, any idea on dates?

@anon plans for abuja yet but I never say never.

@house of style...thanks!

@set...Thank you! We're trying to.

@ifeoma...not there yet but on my way. Slow and steady wins the race.

Oyinkan said...

Yay!Go Tiger!well done. How was your first official dsy in Ikeja? I'm really excited to see the pictures since i cant be there myself.

P.S where can i find Tigertem in London?



Smaragd said...

will drop by during lunch break one day this week. i know i'll be kissing my wages this month goodbye, ryt?

Tiger Tem said... will be up next by next weekend! Still got a few bits to put in place but I'm happy with the way it looks.

@solomonsydelle...thank you!

@smaragd...amen to that!!!!