Friday, April 11, 2008

Tiger's Daily Bite - Three outfits with one pair of shoes

Take one fabulous pair of gladiators, a divine Chloe skirt, three cheap as chips tops and three showstopping decadent cuffs...

And you have the recipe for three fabulously-sexy-in-a-minimal-effort-way outfits.

Me likey.

Yellow top
Pink top
Black top
Black leopard cuff
Swarovski cuff by Tom Binns
Pink cuff by Christian Lacroix.


P!NK & RUFFLES said...

Am feeling the yellow get up best....Am more of a bright colours person......


Sisi said...

the skirt,the tops, and bracelets are cute, BUT this gladiator is not it for me.

I really like your blog and u r page in thisday,however is there a way u could post stuff on cute clothes that are not necessarily designer?
You see, while i have nothing against the Chloe's, Galiano's Louboutins and the many of ur readers can afford this stuff?
Even with a gun to my head i would not pay more than 20-25k for a pair of shoes or even a bag....thats me oh.....i dont care if Donatella Versace paid me a visit & offered me her most exclusive collection....i guess its just me...
I know im starting to ramble.....i guess im saying just dont focus on "designer" so much.......

Tiger Tem said...

@P!nk & Ruffles...I'm soo in love with yellow right now.

@sisi...very good point about the designer stuff. Not sure if you mean my blog or This Day Style.

My brief for This Day style from the editor is to 'focus on the high end designers, couture and keep it aspirational'. I'm not all that interested in the Guccis, Pradas, Versaces either so in general so I try to shine the spotlight on high end but lesser known designers, as I feel that's the best way for a bit of variety.

On my blog, I do try to use a wide price range for the items from a much wider range of stores. Yes, I am unduly biased to Christian Louboutin....but his shoes really are absolutely fabulous.

In this particular post, the Chloe skirt is expensive yes, but the tops all average about $20-50 and the shoes are $50. The LBD mentioned from nordstrom on the "Triple Threat Post" is $60

...BUT point duly noted so I will try harder.