Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hair today gone tomorrow?

Okay, I confess I'm the ultimate girlie girl and I'm capable of spending undue amounts of time wondering what to do with my hair next and promptly doing nada.

But I am feeling a little bored at the moment and while I must confess to being so throughly bored of the masses of faux i.e. the weave/tracks/call it what you want...its a little bit ubiquitous now as there are far fewer women around these days irrespective of race with all their own hair (and yes I know VB still has bits in, even with the short hair). I've been faux free for well over a year but you know...I'm starting to miss it.

So dear reader over to you.

Whatr should I do with my hair next?

Long and lovely?

Or Short and Sharp?


Kira Fashion said...

i really like a long hair and more natural possible, because, for me, i don´t have so much patience for doing my hair all the time!

and i am always think about it when i do a haircut...

my it´s something near as gisele´s bunchen hair...more natural impossible!

a kiss and a hug,

Tiger Tem said...

Hey Kira...if only it was so simple! I definitely prefer real length to faux length but what happens when your hair just won't listen!!!! Lucky you with your Brazilian roots.