Monday, April 7, 2008

Tiger's Daily Bite...Triple Threat

The last triple threat went down a treat so here's my next one.

I'm soooo getting this dress! It had me at hello.

You can never have too many LBDs.
Its strapless which is my favourite dress shape.
And the cute origami inspired shape is bang on trend.

I'm in all shades of love with this fabulous gold Hélène Zubeldia cuff. Its the hottest hue for jewellery at the moment, its got that ethnic touch and its a real standout piece. With this you need no other jewellery. And yes I fully intend to get one for myself! From fab new website

And what's a fabulous outfit without un petit peu de Tiger Tem? This clutch just sold out and I sooo wanted to keep one for myself.


2hot4fendi said...

Not surprised the clutch's sold out, it is divine afterall.
Wld have put it to good use this spring & summer.
oh well, wld bid my time for another...

anonymous gal said...

oh my i have a gown wit the cultch material. im so goin to look 4 a way to convert the head tie into that awesome clutch. oh my its luvly. the LBD simply irresitable.

anonymous gal said...

have been here bout 4 times today.cant get over the come u didn grab one?

Tiger Tem said...

@2hot4fendi...thanks. Will do more. Its been one of my favourite prints so far.

@anonymous gal...oi! no copying!...I'll do more.

@anonymous gal...I didn't grab one for myself for 2 reasons.

i. If I did one for me one for Tiger Tem with everything I really like that supposed to be shop stock...I wouldn't ever make any money.

ii. I can always allocate one for me the next time round!


that clutch is just darling!