Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tiger's Daily Bite...I like to poke

I like to poke fun. Especially after such a serious and wordy post (see below).

Haven't done a daily bite for a while. Been pretty rushed off my feet for the past few weeks. Ikeja is shaping up nicely. My inspiration has been a chocolate box. I'll let you know if I'm still running with that theme after the weekend. Everyone I've explained it to so far remains entirely unconvinced....but I've never let that stop me before..(unless after all's said and done I don't like how it looks).

So here's a bumper dose of Celebtastic Daily Bites to tide you over the weekend!

Just found a pic of fiddy and his baby momma...who knew!

Quincy, Quincy, Quincy. Here's the GranDaddy of Soul (age 70something) with his 20 year old girlfriend Heba Elawadi...a budding fashion designer. Hey, it worked for Georgina Chapman (you know...owns Marchesa...married to Harvey Weinstein....granddaddy of Hollywood)

Little and large. Now I've met B (yeah my buddy B) many moons ago, but she's about my height at best....and I'm not tall. And she's slimmer than she looks in my question is how TINY is Eva?

There was something about Fergie's MAC campaign that looked a little odd to me. She looked very...different.

Then I found out. One of the funniest things I've read in a long time. A blogger (JustJared I think) accused the art director of this shoot of photoshopping the 'meth face' off Fergie. Meth face! Hysterical.....but true. That's one of the things I like about Fergie, her meth face! Ok, I'm being mean...but oh so true!

I love me some Lauryn. Listening to her now actually. But damn. Say no to crack people. And just in case this pic isn't enough of a deterrent, google Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones...that face makes him my favourite poster boy for any say no to crack campaign.

A penny for your thoughts?

For the most part I like Tyra but damn, ain't photoshop grand?

And lets end on a happy note......

Sanaa Lathan aka The Hotness. Wowza, she's WEARING that dress. Looks like a Dolce. I want one. Now.

Enjoy and if you can't be good, have fun being bad.


2hot4fendi said...

never in my wildest dreams wld I envision 50 with a girl like that, she's easy on the eyes though.
Lauryn looks hilarious and Tyra (sans photoshop) looks tirrred...

Ifeomaadiagwuagwu said...

Sanaa Lathan is a cool chick. She doesn't get much of the credit, that she deserves.

Oh gosh! I'm so happy that Lola Ogunnaike was featured/interviewed on this month's Essence publication.

Omigod, that's cool.

And, how are you doing, today - Tiger Tem.

Oyinkan said...

Sanaa looks really good. I hate seeing Lauren hill like this, its such a shame for someone so talented. Don't do drugs people!!

Tiger Tem said...

@2hot4fendi...that's why I had to share. I'm teaching myself more photoshop skills by the day!

@ifeoma..I'm fine. In a pretty good mood. Thanks for asking.

@oyinkan...its amazing how quickly people can descend down that slippery slope isn't it?