Friday, May 2, 2008

Tiger Tem is a Summer Bunny!

Sorry its been a week since my last post, turns out Swift Communications (my internet service provider) ain't so Swift after all. Anyway, numerous phone calls later, they've rectified the situation...lets just hope they can maintain it. Humph.

I love a good summer dress.

And what I love even more than a good summer a good affordable summer dress.

Its a complaint I get from time to time on my blog as I do tend to gravitate towards the more high end prices. Why? The high street is getting better and better and quicker and quicker at emulating what we see on the catwalk so for the most part, everything is an apporoximation of one of the big kahuna's designs anyway. And more often than not they have more and better pictures online......and I'm all about aspirational style. I can't afford everything I put on my blog but the plan is that one day I will be able to...and hopefully so will you! See?..aspire.

Onto the summer hotties.

I'm so in love with this Old Navy dress. Its so simple, so stylish, so timeless (say no to disposable fashion people! things you know you will wear time and time again).

I only do long dresses/skirts in summer (which always confuses guys...why is that?)and I LOVE them. Seriously. They're the perfect go-to outfit as they work for everything. The only reason I can think of for not buying this $29 Old Navy dress is they didn't have my size...but I'm about to get on their wesbite.

Next up, I'm loving this linen broderie anglaise dress from Miss Selfridge. The colour and the shape are both supremely flattering...nobody need know who ate all the food on the Barbie. And at £32 its a great buy as you will wear it summer, after summer, after summer. I probably have about 4 or 5 very similar dresses and come a touch of sun...they all get heavy rotation. If you want a bit more coverage just throw on a cute fitted cardi.

I love yellow. I don't own much yellow but I always like the idea of yellow. I think the main problem is the shade of yellow never seems quite right but this Forever 21 option is right on the money. And at $23 its not very much money anyway.

Ethical fashion. Its a little lost on me to be honest. I can see what they're trying to say but I'm not entirely sold. Its like shopping at Wholefoods, I don't do it because I care, I do it because the food's nice. Just being honest. But I didn't let the name Edun detract me from my love for this dress.

And last but by no means least we have this little slinky cuteness from maria Bonita (sounds Brazilian...not sure) anyway its from Browns (I know, pricey) but its on sale reduced from £150 to a much happier £60 ...hurrah!

Have an absolutley fabulous weekend....I know I will!


shop liquorice said...

welcome back :) how are things on the ikeja store tip?

Anonymous said...

Gurl... you are slim. No offence, it is good though.

Tiger Tem said...

@shopliquorice...going well, getting a lot of people in which is good and trying to tweak stock and price point as much as possible to suit the market!

Tiger Tem said...

@anon...hmm. I think the dresses would suit a range of body types. If you want more coverage, slip on some leggings or a cute cardi...add some uberfab accessories and you're good to go.

If I'm wrong, let me know some more appropriate dress shapes and styles. I aim to please my readers!

Oyinkan said...

I think the broderie anglaise dress from missselfridge is really cute and it works if you are a bit busty as well so i like it!! How's the biz?

2hot4fendi said...

that broderie anglaise dress from miss selridges is soooo me!!!
Inshort, getting that dress is going tops on my to-do list this week...

Naija Chickito said...

Really pretty dresses. But dresses really are not my thing.

anonymous gal said...

i love that 4ver yellow a regular at 4ver21 sadly the dont ship to nig and my friends at america r reluctant to ship

SET said...

There aren't enough dresses in the world for me. I could wear them everyday. Love summer and Spring.

Tiger Tem said...

@oyinkan...if I was going to buy one right now I think that would be the one...but i have about 4 very similar dresses already. Great shape, super flattering and perfect for sunny weather.

@2hot4fendi...its fab and I'm sure they have it in other colours too.

@naija chickito...more of a trouser woman? or skirts? let me know.

@anon gal...shipping is such a pain in the butt. I did hear about a company in Lagos that was trying to order on behalf of people, will find out if its still up and running.

@set...that makes 2 of us!

Naija Chickito said...

Temi, I'm a trousers girl..gimme tailored pants any day, and I'm good to go.


totally cute dresses!

Tiger Tem said...

@naija chickito...research is underway so keep checking for a trouser post. likey too.