Thursday, May 15, 2008

Skirting The Issue

After giving the fabulously well cut trousers their due, I'm moving onto the item that is constantly lobbying for more space on my wardrobe, the item I can never have too many of...the fabulously feminine, undeniably sexy skirt.

The basis of their sexiness is really simple, men can't wear them.

I like them long, short, knee length, fitted, A-line, full skirt. You name it, I probably have it. The best thing about skirts is they always bridge that smart casual gap with ease and I find them one of the easiest items to go to in my wardrobe when I'm in a rush. Withe Tiger Tem, obviously there's zero need to turn up to work all suited and I make a conscious effort to not wear jeans to work too much as they look more casual, I get too hot and I actually just don't wear jeans that much (probably most often in the evening). I'm a real tank/tee and skirt type woman. When you're in colder climes a nice pair of opaques with flats, mary janes or boots and you're good to go.

Here's my pick of the best in descending hem length.

I love this one. Its from Miss Selfridge and costs a grand total of £18. It comes in black as well and its the perfect easy peasey piece to throw on with a tshirt in summer for a day at the park (or something equally stress free). I love the slightly sporty touch and I strongly suspect this will find its way into my wardrobe soon.

Next up we have the bright pink Lucie from DVF. Super duper feminine as its short and its bright pink but I love it. I'm all for pockets on fitted skirts and I love the bold colour on this one. Worn with a black or white tee with a pair of glam glads...perfect laidback city summer style. Oh and you see that big red sale sign? its been reduced to a very affordable £88.

Short, quirky and flirty...I'm loving this skirt from Binneti. Its the perfect skirt to go from winter (with tights) to summer (with a white shirt and ballet pumps).

This is a Vera Wang skirt from her collection from Kohls. That means its only an astounding $43. The monochrome floral print is right on the money for contemporary style. Love it.

Anthropologie, Urban Outfitter's grown up, more pulled together sister are champions of the full skirt this summer. Worn 50s style with a wide belt and fitted cardi...its a look that can work for all occasions.

This Pucci skirt is one of the best examples of how fabulous a great print pencil skirt can look. Love it and I would soooo wear this outfit.

Keeping abreast of the global nomad trend, this Mexican-esque print skirt from Urban Outfitters is supercute. Love it. $48. Buying it.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Naija Chickito said...

I like skirts because they could be so cute. Just realized though that I just have a few. I love that one from Vera Wang though. Real cute and very me.

anonymous gal said...

Temi did u just say affordable 88?*clears throat*

Kira Fashion said...

those skirts are really awsome,

a kiss!

Tiger Tem said...

@naija that skirt, monochrome and floral, 2 birds, 1 stone.

@anon gal..yes I did! For DVF? Abso-lutely! Think about it you probably spend half of that on a regular basis on high street stuff. Just read an article on buying less, of better quality, at a higher price. I totally support that! When I can anyway.

@Kira...thanks hun.