Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jump To The Beat

“Don’t try to compare us to another bad little fad” So said those wiggedy wack little kids called Kris Kross.

What an appropriate sentiment for this post. The jumpsuit. aka The Playsuit. aka The Romper.

Fashion is not for the weak of heart nor the meek of mind. Case and point, the jumpsuit. Also known as the playsuit, except this type is not for kids.

Its one of those items the first time you see it, unless you’re one of the more maverick fashionistas, you’ll probably just flick the page without a second look.

The second time you see it, pause a little longer.

Third time, hmm, not so bad and next thing you know the jolly jumpsuit charm has worked its magic and you’re just looking for the right one.

Casual yet cool, with a decidedly youthful spin, the jumpsuit has become one of the must have pieces for your summer wardrobe.

As always Tiger Bites is here to help and here’s my pick of the best.

This is definitely a holiday option but you know what? I'm not 100% sure I'd wear it. Perhaps, at best, on the beach....but I love it. Very Bridget Bargot. Its the K-Town jumpsuit from 12th street by Cynthia Vincent.

Lauren Conrad's collection has had quite a bit of flack for being overpriced jersey...but that easy peasy laidback style is what the LA girls want so I'm sure she'll do well. And at $180 its certainly not cheap, but then again those LA chicks know how to sing for their supper!

This gold linen number from asos is £30 so its not a tough price to swallow. But I think gold belongs on jewellery and handbag hardware not on my clothes.

Vanessa Bruno is a long standing favourite of mine. She's one of those women who know how to design clothes for women. So this is definitely my favourite of the bunch and if I was going to buy a jolly jumpsuit...this one would get my money.


Anonymous said...

Yes o. Talk about jumpsuit, Mami. We rocked it in the late 80's. Fashion is ever evolving. Thanks for the post, Tiger Bites.

anonymous gal said...

definately not 4 my size 14 fame.

Oyinkan said...

I would go for the Vanessa bruno as well but er... its's not in my price range, YET! It's a little tricky because it has to be your exact size length-wise. I tried some high street versions and doubled up everytime and dont get me started on the camel toe. Fingers crossed, they may make one in the tall range.

Cheetarah said...

Uhh check out mango, they had a divine olive one in the spring and topshop last SS07 did some weekend military inspired one. This season doe the best is def Mango, M&S had some aiight ones but im preaching Mango..yes I knw im high street dahling xx