Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Full Length & Fabulous

And while I'm on the topic of dresses (Naija Chickito we'll get to trousers over the weekend), one of my favourite styles for that laidback fabulously glamorous easy style has got to be the long dress. Fitted or flowy, there's a style for everybody and when you get it right, they look...fabulous. Accessorise with some super sparkly flats and some charmingly chunky bangles and you'll look as glam as Talitha Getty in her hey day. Me likey.

This regal royal blue strapless dress from Patrizia Pepe is available on Its £190 so a little bit more pricey than their normal price point but it is rather fabulous dontcha think? And is it just me or does that look a hell of a lot like ankara?

T-Bags are a brand that's been going from strength to strength as they've managed to get their finger firmly on the pulse of that easy sexy Californian style. AND for my readers in Nigeria I can happily tell you T-Bags dresses will be stocked at the hot new soon to be opened boutique in VI called Temple Muse. I'm friends with the owners and I can promise you they won't disappoint.

This $200 flowy floral number from J Crew is right on the money with the patchwork detail and the empire line makes it superflattering (and forgiving) for all body shapes.


Uzo said...

I adore long dresses and skirts..these are pretty cute...

Ifeoma-adiagwuagwu said...

It really looked good on Uma Thurman when she last wore it. It would suit slim looking African females, ladies and women. Only the full length made out of African prints would suit African full-figured women. Taking the arms and legs into context - am referring to the full-figured African women. (I hope i don't get my head chewed off) Being a full figured African woman is no crime - it's a good thing to wear what suits an individual taking into consideration the fabric in question and cut.

pink gloves said...

tehehe, i have eyed that JCREW dress for eons now, i doubt i should be spending that much on a dress. lol.

The first dress looks like ankara. Let me go check out my ankara prints, cause i am so copying that style man. Thank God for the Indian tailors in

eeh the style on the other two will only make plumpies look plumpier, i think that one is for skinny pple. lol.

Oyinkan said...

That Patrizia Pepe dress has 'me' written all over it. It's gorgeous.