Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Love is Colour Blind?

Hey people,

Very sorry for the distinct lack of post last week. It was partly because I just seemed to have been really rushed off my feet ALL the time and when I did get online, my fabulous Internet service provider Swift...was being everything but.

So you know I had to come back with something good.

Like most women, show me a picture of Blair Underwood and I'm one happy Tiger. The guy is just sooooooo good looking isn't he? As you know I'm a huge Sex & The City fan so I thought it was pure fabulousness, after such a long sojourn from the spot light he pops up as Miranda's sexy neighbour (Dr for the Knicks too). That scene on the stairs, after they broke up, was probably one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.

So I was digging around for my weekly showbiz gossip fix when I came across this

(ignore his suit in the picture though).

Click on the link so you can read the comments!!!!

"Here’s Blair Underwood’s response to the “backlash” he faced from black fans after he appeared on Sex And The City:

“Underwood, the first African-American actor to join the sitcom’s predominantly white cast, played Miranda Hobbs’ boyfriend, Dr. Robert Leeds - a role which he claims didn’t meet the approval of some fans. But the Dirty Sexy Money star insists his female fans relented after learning he has been married to Desiree DaCosta, a black woman, for 13 years.

He says, ‘In terms of the black female audience, usually in your body of work if you’ve proven that you love your sisters and will come back home, they will give you a pass when you jump ship. I hear it all the time. I heard, “We’ll get you a pass because we know you’re married to a black woman.”



and one more time for good measure....WTF?

I actually found this really surprising. I just loved the fact that he was on the show. And I liked his role on the show. Kind, caring boyfriend. Very sexy. Dr for the Knicks? Very sexy. The fact that he's black and Miranda's white....so what?

I love the show, I think he's a good looking and good actor. Love him on Dirty, Sexy, Money too (seriously, is there a character on TV personality included more sexy than Simon? No.) And I'm sure him getting such a good spot on SATC helped him get such a good spot on Dirty, Sexy as it put him back in the spotlight.

So what's all this nonsense we'll give him a 'pass as he's married to a black woman'??? Get a friggin grip people. He's getting paid and is happily married and you're sitting there stewing over the portrayal of an inter-racial relationship on one of the most popular shows on tv. Why?

I love Blair but I don't really care who he's married to. Black woman, white woman, no difference. It ain't me....therefore I really don't care.

But what I want to know is why do people still get so riled by inter-racial relationships? Does it really matter if black men/women date white women/men? Or even if that's a preference.....so what? To each his own surely.

Its the reality of the world we live in, the world is a big place that's gettings maller all teh time. We all travel more, meet more people from a wider range of backgrounds (racial, social, financial, cultural, religious etc) so of course that increases the likelihood of lots of different people meeting and marrying all the time. I don't care who's with who as long as you're all happy. A sentiment that's extended without exception to everyone around me.

I touched on the topic of inter-racial relationships in January so click the link to read it....http://tigerbites.blogspot.com/2008/01/nigerian-man-vs-european-man.html

Your thoughts on this thought provoking post please!


Naija Chickito said...

i couldn't care less myself who the man is married to. black, white, same thing.

deep down though most people are racist, but these ones are blatantly so. i usually ignore such rants. i think they are just plain ignorant...

Ifeoma-adiagwuagwu said...

It's so easy to say one's ignorant when it comes to opposing inter-racial relationships. What we need to understand in these terms, especially, for African-Americans are that their family unit has broken down tremendously over the years. Their men are beginning to cross over the lines in many numbers. Their men are not ready to commit to the women; marriage wise. Rather they prefer them to be their baby mamas and them, their baby daddies. The ones that are available are either gay, in jail, abusive, emotionally unavailable, etcetera. And these are all culled from statistics. When there is a divorce payment/payout/settlement, the white women tend to get a huge cut compared to the African-American women. These are some of their grievances, i am not one, but i read, hear and listen whenever the opportunity comes.

In my opinion, everyone is entitled to where love and their heart takes them, immaterial of their race. People do change their minds about what it is that they choose to do and become. Life is never stagnant. Good topic, though.

Oyinkan said...

Im glad you've touched on this issue because it's one i've been giving great thought to it. I personally couldnt care less either, but increasing i'm coming to the realisation that quite a lot of people aren't cool with inter-racial dating/marriage and it seems to be black people now who have more of a problem with it.

I recently had a conversation with a group of Nigerians and their reaction to it kinda scared me a bit. It made me think I'd been naive about just how accepted it is.

I just don't see what the big deal is. It's so hard to find a 'soulmate' (one person out of billions!!!) so why do ppl want to limit themselves to race.

Anyway, people will always have something to complain about. Shouldn't the black race as a whole be happy that we are being increasingly recognised in the media?

I know racism is still alive but I don't think this was Martin Luther King's dream...for us to turn into racists too!

Tiger Tem said...

@naija...most people are racist? Do you really think so?

@ifeoma..very interesting points you made about the dynamic of african americans. With regard to divorce settlements, and your comment about white women getting a bigger cut isn't that probably because the people in question have more money? I don't think that's a race thing per se.

@oyinkan...care to expand on the views that scared you a bit? Sounds interesting. I agree, with you on the point of being happy there more of a racial mix on prime time TV shows.

Oyinkan said...

Well their general reaction went along the lines of "God forbid, never!" and "oh i could never and i dont understand prople that do" . I just faded out of that conversation :-)

Ifeoma-adiagwuagwu said...

The bigger cut thing, i would say from some of their comments, that is, the African-American chicks. Is that, for example, the athletes like the NBA player guys have a lot of white chicks on their arms compared to having African-American chicks on their arms. To the black men it's not a race thing neither is it to the white women. It's a love issue/thing.

And to some of the African-American chicks they find it absurd, racist and ignorant. This is all from what i have heard, checked out and read - more like a research thing.

I could/might be wrong.