Sunday, May 11, 2008

Who Wears The Trousers?

There’s nothing like a sublimely well cut, tailored, fitted pair of trousers to make a woman feel like a million dollars.

Think Katherine Hepburn in her sharp trousers suits, or the striking figure Bianca Jagger cut in that white suit. Right now, I'm all about the loose fitting lounge/palazzo pants, sailor pants but not really the skinny. I’m not a huge fan of the skinny and as the name suggests (and contrary to popular belief) they look best on their long limbed namesakes. But a fabulous pair of cigarette fit cropped trousers a la Audrey Hepburn will always be on the money. I have a cropped pair and I love them but not all that inspired to get more. But on the topic of the perfect white/tuxedo/sailor trousers....I'm definitely game.

I’ve done the hunting and gathered a selection of the best of the bunch around now.

Blind them with the pinstripes in these hip hugging, leg lengthening flares with the nautical button detail. I'm so in love with these trousers. Easy to dress up or down, think of them as a chic alternative to jeans.

I love the ribbon belt, a fabulously girlie detail on some otherwise serious trousers. The colour makes them a fashion mainstay as they go with everything. And for summer they look great with white, brights and navy is the new black.

At $15 Old Navy comes up trumps with these fabulously wide leg sateen trousers. These are the type of trousers best worn with very high heels to make your legs look superlong and lithe.

A very subtle pinstripe on these Marc Jacobs trews takes them from a little bit boring to a very stylish geek chic option.

$50 from Gap. These might just be the perfect pair of white wide leg sailor trousers I've been searching for. Fitted but not too tight with a good crease and a flattering flare...I think I'm going to get these now.

I'm not normally a Gap fan but I am loving these $60 trousers! They'd be great for work obviously but they'd also be great for the evening when you're a little bored of your jeans. The Demi Boot Cut makes them supremely flattering and leg lengthening which is what we're usually all after.

DVF is one of my all time favourite designers and I maintain, if you want to spend a little more cash on some timeless pieces, DVF is your woman. And I am soooo in love with these palazzo pant style tuxedo trousers. If you haven't tried the palazzo style before, you should, trust me, you will look a million dollars. The superwide legs are so flattering and sophisticated. Jeans are so ubiquitous and boring these days....dare to be a little different. And dress like a real woman.

Couture Couture High Waisted Flares look quite similar in style to the first Tracy Reese pair but sans pinstripes. I'm really liking this style. I'm so getting myself a pair of sailor trousers.

And last but not least I'm loving these Chloe retro flares. Love the superpale blue and the shape just looks like they'd be really flattering don't they?

Enjoy. And let the hunt for the perfect white/tuxedo/sailor trousers begin!


NikkiSab said...

Those trousers look ouch!!!! I'm tall and slim and my size 28 waist and 43 length makes shopping hell!!! I really luv dem esp the second pix with a ribbon (too bad ma hips r em..... not dere LOL!!)

Naija Chickito said...

Simply love love the sailor trousers.
Thanks girl. Given me some inspiration. Time to expand the basics in my wardrobe.

Uzo said...

Now this i love. Love wide leg all these....

Tiger Tem said...

@nikkisab...43 length? wow, that's seriously tall.

@naija chickito...the trouser post was inspired by you so glad its given you some good ideas. too. I think the white Gap ones are next on my list.

Bunmmy said...

am the trousers and have the 3rd one in black and i get confused on tops to wear. Please could you style it for me with pictures? please? please?


Tiger Tem said...

@bunmmy...yes i can and I will but I'll need a bit of just make sure you keep reading regularly and I'll try to do a post by next weekend.