Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sex and The City...The Return

By now, every single woman under the sun must know that yes, at long last there's a Sex And The City Movie in the making.

Now I'm all for plot spoilers cos at the end of the day, Sex And The City had such a talented crew that put the show together, no matter how many twists and turns are leaked, there will still be some classic comedy, drama and high octane glamour moments that will make the film worth every penny.

But more importantly, I want to know what the girls are wearing.

The TV show spawned a few trends of its own and the film is certainly going bigger and better in every way as its making the transition from the small screen to the big screen, its supersizing its fashion too.

Patricia Field is back on board and with an oscar under her belt for the Devil Wears Prada, she's really upped the ante this time.

First up, we have a classic Carrie ensemble. A cute, fun, flirty strapless dress with a little something added by that eyelet belt and a lot of something added by that feathered Ferragamo bag.

And then we have the supersize corsage. Love it or hate it....I love it, just not so crazy about the shoes. But apparently the shoe thing is a key trend...forget the super feminine delicate shoes of the TV show, now Carrie is rocking some chunky, studded Dior Gladiator sandals in a choice of 2 finishes. Black patent and Brown snakeskin.

The most hyped new accessory from the film so far has to be this vile Eiffel Tower bag from Timmy Woods. I hate it. But Americans are so obsessed with Paris and Parisian style so I'm sure there are thousands of women who want one right now!

Next up, zut alors, Carrie 'not-the-marrying-kind' in a wedding dress! Well rumour has it that either her and Big tie the knot or its a very elaborate dream sequence. I don't think they should get married, it just makes their union seem so much more conventional when in reality it was anything but. Dress by Vivienne Westwood and Patricia Field kept up the feathery theme with a turquoise fascinator. Quirky ensemble yes, me likey? No. But then again, I don't need to.

So the bridesmaids...looking a little like the Wicthes Of Eastwick but I guess it was always going to be a very un conventional looking wedding. I just hope they didn't plump for some naff venue.
Interestingly enough, Miranda's overall look is by far my favourite. The black dress on Charlotte looks a little severe, Samanthat looks a little Copacabana...which leaves Miranda in pole position. Who would ever have thought that day would come?

And for a bit of affirmative action, we have Jennifer Hudson as Carrie's assistant. I loved her in
DreamGirls, she totally stole the show. So I'm hoping she works some magic in this as well which would make her a bona fide fantastic actress. Not crazy about the outfit, I know the bag is Chanel but nah. But the boots could work. I'd wear them with a black outfit, or maybe red, either way I'm usually a walking colour riot but even I'd say just one colour would have looked a lot better. But who am I to argue with Patricia Field. Interesting choice of hair....what are your views on that?

And last up we have the ladies looking their usual Manhattan's finest.

But oh wait, what's that......

One last look at the past? Or the future ready to mow them down?


Uzo said...

I have always thought that Samantha dressed very 80's...You know...Dynasty era.

I am very very excited about the movie and i dont think Carrie and Big will get married. I am the only one that thinks he is so bad for her...I would have preferred for her to end up with Aidan..then again

So not about the content of the show but about the fashion right? Hate the eiffel tower bag but love the shoes with that green dress...

Tiger Tem said...

OMG! I totally agree that Carrie shouldn't have ended up with Big! When that happened, you could see women in bad relationships the world over giving that bad guy another chance cos 'he just might change'.

And they definitely shouldn't get married. Primarily cos I think that's too conventional for them as they come off as pretty unconventional people.

But you're right...the post is about the fashion!

Charizard said...

Omo that carrie n big ended up together is prolly a dream or sth... teh eiffel tower bag is jus the roman sandals though...has this nice relic-ish look to it...the outfit with the eye let belt is just a classic...