Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blood Red & Leopard...

Maybe I'm getting old, maybe my magazine obsession is laying not very subtle messages in my head but right now I'm obsessed with bordeaux patent shoes, and the perfect leopard print bag...

Black patent is a bit blah and as most of you know, I don't really do black accessories. A bit....blah.

But this deep sexy dark red, bordeaux is just so sexy in a vampish, dominatrix way or perhaps in a slick, controlled with a little unexpected twist....take your pick.

How hot are these shoes? Christian Louboutin, yep.

Oh but wait, i actually think I prefer these Stuart Weitzmans.

And leopard print....animal print is always a bit tricky. being black those jungle connotations do my head, I think its purely as a result of being overexposed to the spice girls the first time round where 'Scary Spice' i.e. the black one, was ALWAYS in animal print and jungle-esque clothing. Er, hello stylist?

Anyway, many moons later now I'm far more likely to associated excess animal print with many a Slutlana seen skulking around in Selfridges and Harrods, but they just don't know how to do it properly. When it's done properly, leopard print can look supersexy in a borderline trampy way. Emphasis on borderline though. You don't actually want to cross over to trampville, that's usually a one way if you do, see ya!

If you want to rock some leopard print, keep it simple. Stick to accessories, it usually works better. Buy the best you can afford, and choose the ponyskin, not that faux furry cack which looks cheap, feels cheap and oh, shock cheap. I was in a rather large department store recently oohing and aahing over the new season bags and I was all about the Dolce and Gabbana Animalier. They (and their billion dollar enterprise) have an uncanny knack for pulling off that borderline trampy thing I'm talking about. Its all about excess, debauchery, glamour but you're still a woman who gets treated like a lady. Me likey.

So very simple, yet so very effective. But fret not, Tiger Tem will be doing an animalier this xmas! And I for one, cannot wait!

And this L.A.M.B. Grantham bag is a little more funky and the powers that be would probably decsribe it as urban and street too...sigh.

And for a night out, this Charles David one is just perfect, the calfskin leopard and the bordeaux patent....grrrrrr.

Oh yes, and coloured denim. Definitely been a no go zone in my opinion...but then I saw these, I'll try them on and let you know if they make the cut. But they look HOT. Oh but obviously NOt to be worn with the leopard print and/or bordeaux patent...ewww.


Ugo Daniels said...

Nice fashion blog, hope i'm right though. Cheers!!

Tiger Tem said...

Thanks...of course you're right!