Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ring, ring, ring

Ok, I'm officially obsessed with rings. I just can't stop myself. Take me to a jewellery shop and its the rings I'm after, every single time. I can never tire of looking for rings, looking at rings and hunting for that perfect ring.

And my definition of the perfect ring is constantly evolving. I've got some very precious, semi precious and not precious at all but they're all precious to me. Every ring has a purpose, every ring matches a mood, every ring rocks with an outfit. I must have well over 20 and perhaps my obsession is partly borne out of the fact that with my teeny fingers, its actually quite hard finding rings that fit properly and they usually have to be ordered smaller or resized.

A nice big fat cocktail ring always works a treat on a night out. I'm talking conker size by the way. They can look gaudy but if your ring is extra large, keep other accessories minimal.

I don't believe there's a right or wrong finger to wear rings on. So I often wear rings on my index or middle finger as they're too big for my ring finger. I'd rock a pinky ring if I found one too! Thumb ring...I reckon I'd damage it very quickly, but dunno, actually I'll try that tomorrow.

I'm feeling gold rings at the moment as well, after years of being seduced by silver/white gold/platinum, I've come full circle to gold.

And other women get all giddy with excitement over new handbags or new shoes....I get giddy about rings.

So here we go...

This is a $15 000 antique morganite stone set in gold with diamonds and rubies. Fabulous. Interesting little fact, Morganite belongs to the beryl group of gemstones (emeralds, aquamarine), its often referred to as a pink emerald. It was originally named a Pink Beryl but the name was changed when the a certain Mr JP Morgan got hold of one to add to his extensive gem collection (largest in at the turn of the 20th century).

Another antique, this one is a $18,500 French Victorian Ruby ring. I LOVE this ring. I love the shape, the settings, the design. Never seen a ring like this before so I'll start saving up now!

Another antique beauty, this is a sapphire with four diamonds. Simply stunning isn't it?

And the last antique of this selection. Its onyx and lots of little diamond and I love its intricate and unusual design. And the fact that its big but not in the gobstopper size cocktail ring way. This manages to be a little understated yet utterly fabulous.

Betsey Johnson , the queen of quirk adds a little subversive gothic glam with this little spider...and a gem that looks decidedly like a drop of blood.

And this little buzzing bee from Kenneth Jay Lane is fun and cute and a little bit different.

R Dayan middle eastern offering just caresses your finger. Love it!

Rachel Leigh, she of the fun, sparkly, cute, you just gotta have it jewellery. I'm serious. Google her.

p.s. Little bit of history for rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger on the left hand because the vein in the left ring finger (the vena amoris) was believed to be directly connected to the heart. Hmmmm.

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