Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tiger Tem Collection Previews in London

When I started Tiger Tem, I would meticulously plan and host private viewings at different venues. It was always really good fun to work on a new collection, the theme, the look, the style of the collection, which always had to have a name. The first was Bloomin' Gorgeous as I used a lot of floral damask, then came Strings Attached which was lots of suede and ribbon. Then we had Crocodile Dundee which used, yep, you guessed it lots of crocodile then we had All That Glitters which introduced the bright, pretty and sparkly brooches on my clutch bags....then after that, I opened the Boutique.


This was when I started doing the tshirts as well. I figured as so many guys came to my events, would be good if they could have something to buy for themselves as well. It worked. Still does.

This was when I introduced the travel sets.


Growth can happen organically or you can plan it, smart people do both. So while Tiger Tem is always growing, trust me, BIG plans for the Boutique will be kicking off in November this year. I've decided to go back to basics and start hosting events in different places again. This weekend is London, probably Spain next, then nearer Xmas I'll definitely be doing Abuja. I'll need a lot fo help as I'm really out of the loop there!

So London this weekend, well today and tomorrow actually. Should be fun. Today is Maida Vale and tomorrow is Friern Barnet. Email me at for addresses if you want to come.

The clutch bags are mainly in ankara with a few in my signature aso-oke colours. For those who don't know ankara is a printed african cotton and aso-oke is a beautifully handwoven silk. This time round I'm not putting any brooches on myself but I'll be helping people pick and choose the brooches for their clutch bags for that added extra to the shopping experience, to make sure everybody gets something special and unique.

The Goldfinger bags have been updated with more funky colours like orange...and they look soooo cute!

With the jewellery I've focused on rings. Yes, they're my first love with jewellery but I can't stop going on about how fabulous my new collection is because they are just BE-YOOO-TI-FUL! A teeny bit big for my fingers as my fingers are insanely small but I haven't taken mine off anyway.
Let me introduce you to The Eve, The Eden, The Adam and The Spidy...

Only a handful of pics for now but more later.



Bella Naija said...

awww. I wish I could have seen this earlier. My mum and I were in London this weekend, she loves small shopping events like this.....would have been a nice one for us to attend...le sigh. Let me know next time

Uzo said...

Oh my....So i am loving the cocktail rings....

Tiger Tem said...

Thanks, I'm loving the cocktail rings to and I'm not joking when i saw every time I've worn one, someone's bought it off me!!