Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a load of Croc....

There's a new love of mine that I feel compelled to share now its summer.

I've been keeping this one to myself as its not exactly cool...but you know how it is, when you find something really, really good. You just can't keep that ish to yourself.

Now I urge you to read this with an open mind!

ladies, my second pair of Crocs have just made their way into my wardrobe (collective intake of breath). Before you start thinking I've totally lost the plot, I don't mean those vile faux clog ones that are fabulous on children and pure carnage on anybody else. Don't think those PLASTIC ballet pumps are fooling anyone. And don't even say Jibbits near me if you're over 5.

I'm talking about the Crocs flips flops. The Capri to be precise. (see that? they knew that had to come up with a pretty name to lure the likes of you and me in)

I mean the most comfortable flip flops my feet have ever know. And my feet know flip flops. Around the house or popping out for a walk, my faithful flips flips are always flipping on my feet.

My journey into crocs wasn't an easy one. My bro got my mum a pair. Say what? Oh, not the clog ones. Ok. Lets see. Hmm. Not bad. Not so high on pretty but hey, they're Crocs ya?

Then I tried them on. Hmm. Comfy.

Then I started walking around in them...Dios Mio.

And I literally haven't looked back since.

Crocs Capri in Cotton Candy

Crocs Capri Chocolate Print

Crocs Capri Khaki Pearl

Crocs Crete Khaki Sienna

Crocs Crete Pearl White & Navy

One of the best selections on the web at the best price can be found right here. .

And I PROMISE you won't be disappointed. Is that the doorbell? I think my new pair just arrived!


Tolu said...

Hey sis. Good to see you're a convert. I fully concur. Chassis, awesome pampering for feet. About to order my third pair myself!

Tiger Tem said...

Fully! I've been hunting around for the perfect pair, something a little higher on the pretty quotient and slightly less functional looking and 'em! Love 'em!