Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tiger's Daily Bite - Yummy Mummy alert!

Can't be easy having the world most famous where's-the-party-at supermodel for a Mum but little Lila Grace is just adorable!

This is one of the first pics I've seen of her since she was a baby as her mum either never takes her out or is very good at shielding her from the paps.....

Anyway, here they are at Leah Wood and Jack Macdonald's wedding in London. Too cute!


Renaissance Man said...

i think her mum permanently forgets her at home.


Tiger Tem said... can just picture it. 'Home Alone' going down in that SJW pad every day.

Kira Fashion said...

Lila is a cuttie :)

a kiss

Bunmmy said...

hi, i need fashion tips badly,
am 5.5 with weight more pronounced in my mid section, (big belly), how do i fashionably conceal or draw less attention to it?

Tiger Tem said...

@bunmmy...okey dokey madam, I'll have a think and post on that next week.