Monday, June 16, 2008

Gimme Gimme Shoes

I know I said I'd stop with the SATC obsession but I can't. Like a true addict, I can't quite bring myself to stop just yet.

The topic of the day is those damn shoes. The Dior Extreme Gladiator Platforms.

The shoes are the hottest property in footwear right now as fashionistas the world over are putting in some serious call time with Dior, who incidentally have sold out of the shoes.

There's a lot more 'shoe' than I usually like on my heels and they're kinda clunky but I LOVE them.

If you have a spare $780 you can get pre-order them from Bergdorf.

If not, here's my pick of the best shoes that have been 'inspired' by Dior.
These pair come in at a fabtastic $70. I prefer them in tan but the black are obviously much closer to Carrie's.

The next pair are from
and come in at £55...but they've sold out already.

The Steve Maddeen Maxxi are $99. I'm not that keen on these though. Looks as if Steve was in a bit too much of a hurry to get them on the shop floor after the film came out.

Steve Madden's Madalynn are a bit more like it. $110

And if you want something reminiscent of the Dior's without them looking like a complete knock-off, the Nine West Heech wins my vote.

Which will have you reaching for your card?


Kira Fashion said...

this carrie´s shoes are really a must!

a kiss!

2hot4fendi said...

definately logging into

t04051 said...

I saw the bakers shoes in the store... and unfortunately they looked really cheap

Anonymous said...

U are humorous.

anonymous gal said...

lol Temi just said spare 780 dollars or was it

Tiger Tem said...

@kira...totally agree!

@2hot4fendi...let me know if you buy them and what they're like as....

@t04051...not a good sign. Good to know though so thanks.

@anon...i'll take that as a compliment so thanks!

@anon gal...yes I did! Thst's $780 pre tax for shoes, if you have that kind of moolah for high fashion items with a short shelf're certainly not counting your pennies!

Uzo said...

Gasp! Those shoes are too much. Converted, the dior shoes come to a little above N92,000 and i know some mommies that buy shoe and purse combos for more than that...Hmm..but they are not even available...I wouldnt mind the Steve Madden Maddlyn (sp) ones...

Oh my...Why am i automatically drawn to the most expensive things everywhere i go?

Renaissance Man said...

Strictly for my B.I.G.G.E.R B.A.B.E.S!

Lucy said...

they are beautiful