Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tiger Bites...my weekend

I’ll start with the good news. Which is after a much anticipated wait, I watched Sex & The City The movie over the weekend.

I’d noticed that the general buzz was more one of anticipation of watching the film. Not so much a buzz from people who had seen the film. But you know what? I loved it. Yes, its unbearably cheesy in parts, it has to be it’s a film which has to cater to the big love storylines that keep the cash registers ringing in Hollywood. The series, had more time to dish cheese out sparingly and saved the biggest dose for the last episode.

Yes the storylines are fabulous, and the witty repartee remains. For me there was one big twist in the tale. (No spoilers here its ok). But it was that colossal twist that gave the story more depth and edge that I’ve came to love and expect from the show. The girls all look fabulous and its made me want to go to New York again…which is interesting as I’m not really that big a fan. I was very excited when I saw them in the DVF shop as HE had just got me a fabulous gift of something Carrie bought from the store...and that was a good 2 months before the film came out. So I felt rather proud of myself, and his fabulous taste, and my supreme tutelage....he he he.

But as usual we got the winning mix of witty banter, fabulously glamorous wardrobes and lifestyles, laugh out loud humour, heart breaking sadness all wrapped in up in the sexiest city to film in, New York.

So I say bah humbug to any haters. Stop sipping from your cup of HATORADE and enjoy the film for what it is. Entertainment. Things based on real life go by the heinous title of reality TV...and I, for one, am not interested. I want to watch fantasies played out on the big screen.

The sad news is after a 44 year groundbreaking, boudary pushing, unparalleled career in fashion, Yves Saint Laurent died in his Paris apartment on Sunday, aged 71.

He created the wardrobe of the modern woman (the pea coat, the pants suit, the peasant blouse), opened our eyes to ethnic beauty and global style, and set us on a course toward the democratization of fashion, even as he elevated the rarefied haute couture to "the rank of art," as French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Monday. He was one of the strongest pioneers of the Safari look (a look which champions Africa..so for that, I take my hat off to you).

In terms of Africa, he was heavily influenced by Moroccan style and he had a home there. The gardens of his beautiful blue house are open to the public and when you can, I strongly recommend you visit the Jardin Majorelle. Its truly beautiful and you have to see the shade of blue on the house. I'm not a blue fan but this shade of blue is so vibrant and fabulous, I love it.

Yves not only had great intuition about fashion but was also a great businessman," said Tom Ford, who designed the YSL ready-to-wear line from 2000 to 2004. He "pioneered the structure of the contemporary fashion house when they introduced ready-to-wear and licensed products."

From Saint Laurent's first collection, presented for the house of Dior in 1958, the Algerian-born designer reinvented the clothing we live in. His trapeze dresses became instant classics, firmly establishing Paris as the center of the fashion universe for the second half of the 20th century.

He launched his own label in 1962. Just as women were starting to enter the workplace, he gave them the clothes to compete on a level playing field. If it were not for Saint Laurent, who sent pants down the runway in 1962 and again in 1966 as part of Le Smoking (the female version of the tuxedo), Giorgio Armani might not have an empire and Hillary Rodham Clinton might not have a uniform.

"He gave women the power to be themselves through clothing," said Diane Charbonneau, co-curator of "Yves Saint Laurent," a retrospective that runs through Sept. 28 at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, before moving to the de Young Museum in San Francisco in November.


Oyinkan said...

OMG! Did he get you that fab 'Tuvallu kimono dress'? I really loved the movie and actually lost a contact lense because i got so teary eyed :-). Lol! I dont know why there are so many haters out there and i get really angry when some women argue that it goes against what feminists fought for. All i hear is blah blah blah! Now i want to watch the series all over again.

Sad news about Mr YSL.

Tiger Tem said...

Look at you...eagle eye cherry! Well spotted.

As far as I know feminists fought for freedom and while it might not have come in the decadent package SATC delivers....freedom it is. I got the box set as a Xmas gift a couple of years ago....one of the best gifts EVER! Whenever I'm bored/stuck at home/ill....SATC always comes to the rescue.

Naija Babe said...

I heart SATC...

In my theater the women stood up and cheered at the end. It was just what I needed, wanted...and as for the critics...well it is what it is.

Furthermore, I don't know what screams girl power more than...Oh I was just about to spoil the movie for some of y'all who haven't seen it...suffice to say, I love SATC and I can also be called a womanist.

Also may I just say Ms Tiger Tem...that I love your blog and your store. I fell in love with your space in VI. I just wish I had a chance to visit when it was a tea room...Ah...Well until next time I get to do Lagos...in the meantime...I'll save my pennies because next time I come in, I plan to make up for lost time.


Tiger Tem said...

@naijababe...I wonder what you were about to say? Hmm. I loved the way she went at it with the flowers though. Friggin fantastic and too bloody right!
Thank you and thank you. We've moved from Vi though...opened an Ikeja branch at Ivory Health Club, 4 Ogundana St, off Allen and plans are moving along nicely for our spot in the NNPC building which should be ready in time for a massive Xmas party! See you there?

Tiger Tem said...

@naijababe...wonder what you were about to say about girl power...that's what I meant. Say it vaguely if it won't be a spoiler.

Kira Fashion said...

i can´t wait to watch this movie, maybe this weekend!

a kiss!!!

Uzo said...

I saw the movie last night and the clothes and shoes were just uber fabulous. I felt so much pride when i saw a pair of my shoes in there...Yummy...I am not sure how i felt about the twist though. I am sorry but i am one of the few women out there that see something very unhealthy and destructive about the Carrie and Big relationship... But anyway.... I loved the part about the flowers in the street..although i think the flowers were a bit too soft for the knucklehead....Agggggggh

Fab movie. Definitely want to own it...May we pause for a moment and think of that closet. *sigh*

Tiger Tem said...

@uzo..unhealthy and destructive perhaps, but its hollywood honey so they're always going to put a rose tinted spin on it. And my word, that wardrobe deserves way more than a pause, it deserves its own show. I. Want. One. Day. Soon. Come. Believe. Me!