Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And The Memo Said....


Very orange.


The memo on the morning of Solange's 22nd Birthday party obviously said



Oyinkan said...

Wow you blogged a lot today :-)
Yes i know you feel me on that Tuvallu dress (Lucky lucky)

Gosh Solange just tried too hard! The center of attraction for all the wrong reasons and Beyonce's dressing down still ended up being more elegant.

Tiger Tem said...

Yes i did, when I'm on a roll, I just go with it!

My sentiments precisely on the difference between B and Solange. Can't be easy being her sister. I think they should have just put her in the group though..(Destiny's Child).

SET said...

Lol, No one would have succeeded outshining Solange in that, lol

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE orange... it is great )))
Adorable photos :-)

anonymous gal said...

yuck. she should have mitigated the orage wit a diff colour of shoes.but the gown itself yuck

Anonymous said...

Me likey Solange's dress. It's cute

Uzo said...

LOL....That is one very bright outfit...You just might be right..Have you seen a picture of her at the BET awards? Solange i mean..Not quite sure what to make of her outfit

Tiger Tem said...

@set...bright as the sun!

@angelgrotten...I like orange too but I think smaller doses or simpler styles are more 'me'.

@anon gal....ha ha.

@anonymous..kinda looks like it could be valentino or moschino with that floral detail. I think the dress itself could look a lot more elegant in a more muted colour like black. With that much of a statement in style, I don't think you need that much of a statement with colour as well.

@uzo...haven't looked at the BET pics yet but about to now. Will let you know what I think.

Renaissance Man said...

why are they in black?

what's solange famous for again?


Tiger Tem said...

@RM...ha ha ha ha. Oh wow, you crack me up!