Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Computer Love

Shoo-be-do-bop... I wanna love you
Shoo-be-do-bop...my computer love.

I have a blog so I think it goes without saying I love my computer...and I've noticed in this increasingly tech world we live in people are becoming more and more attached to their laptops.

And there's something about all the candy coloured laptops hitting the market that makes me want an upgrade.

And yes, its is primirily an aesthetic choice. They've all got good memory etc etc. For the relevant details just hop on over to the Dell site or the Sony site and they can answer all your tech questions.

Which do you like the most?

The espresso dell?

The ruby red dell?

Look really closely and you can see this is a black croc Sony Vaio...yay or nay?

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.....look at the fabulosity that Sony have churned out now....I think I know where my money could be going.....

Yes. I found my computer love.
Shoo-be-do-bop... I wanna love you
Shoo-be-do-bop...my computer love.


Frances Uku said...

ok that croc VAIO sexy small but girl, get a Mac! x

Anonymous said...

Love notes.... and my personal favorit is HP Pavillion Glamour )))

Tolu said...

mac all the way. but failing that the croc one is kind of cool. failing that.... a strong colour like red, not the pink tho. Please not the pink!!

Tiger Tem said...

@frances....am I the only person in the world that actually finds Macs harder to use???

@angelgrotton...love the name...can't find any images online though. What does it look like?

@tolu..ha ha ha. Ok. No pink. Promise! I'm feeling the red the most anyway so you know me well.

2hot4fendi said...

no tiger tem, my hubby's macbook frustrates me to tears!!!!
that said, the croc VAIO looks tres chic. Haven't seen it up close though, the red is great too (it's got pizzaz) my local best buy has run out of the series though, but they encouraged me to get what I pls and upgrade/skin it at skinit.com and presto now I have a vintage pic of m.monroe in black & white, yay!!!!

Frances Uku said...

y'all need to come over to my crib for training...not to worry, my rates are quite affordable ;-)

Tiger Tem said...

@frances...was that before or after you became the latest media darling? I suspect that's propelled you out of my price range!

Tiger Tem said...

@2hot4fendi...I'm so with you on that one...sony here I come.

Ms B said...

I got me the Dell Espresso and I love it in all its simplicity. But the croc has got to be it! Thinking of switching already.

Tiger Tem said...

@Ms B....I'm slightly less than impressed with the durability of Dell so I think I'm still going for the Sony.

Frances Uku said...

@temtem...girl, you are my 'customer' now, you know your own na family price ;-)