Friday, May 30, 2008

Say My Name

In the spirit of Sex & The City, the comeback, the Ghetto Fabulous nameplate necklace has been resurrected. So I ask yay or nay?

The personalised nameplace necklaces are available from...

The show's stylist Patricia Field...from $189

OR from $145 at

Then again I’m sure you could find something cheaper at Argos.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just Add Jeans

Jeans are an absolute essential for any woman’s wardrobe and today we’re looking at the most simple basics that work for every woman, of every body shape. The well cut blazer, cute tank top, stylish belt, and glamorous shoes….is an outfit that works for a surprising number of occasions from work, to a dinner party, a spot of bar-hopping…you name it, Tiger Bites has it covered.

(Paige Premium Denim Hillhurst Jeans, Nickel Striped Jacket, 12th Street Cami, Paul & Joe Lovebird belt, Miu Miu patent brogues, Tiger Tem ‘Fulani’ bag)
Tailored jeans are a new hit on the denim scene and they offer an added level of smartness to an essential casual item. This outfit would be great for lunch. Teamed with a casual striped jacket and a cute cami it’s the perfect smart casual outfit. The belt adds a little sparkly and the patent brogues amp it up in the style stakes as this is one of the hottest styles for the new season. And the stylish day bag finishes off the outfit perfectly.

(J Brand Love Story Jeans, Marc Jacobs Jacket, Moschino striped tank, Tiger Tem butterfly belt, Gucci patent platforms, GoldenBleu ‘Luella’)
J Brand created the most sought after flared jeans of the season. They create a supremely flattering and sexy silhouette. Teamed with this superstylish take on a safari jacket, the sailor striped tank top the patent platform court shoes and the slick outsize bag…in this outfit, we’ll all know you mean business!

(Rich & Skinny Lush Flared Jeans, Alexander McQueen Tux Jacket, Alexander McQueen tank top, Roberto Cavalli crocodile belt, A.B.S. Allen Schwartz, Tiger Tem ‘Sao Tome’)
Hip new American brand Rich & Skinny have been a huge hit on the West Coast of America. The tux inspired jacket and gothic print tank make this a fabulous dinner outfit. The sparkly heels and clutch add a touch of sophisticated glamour which is topped off fantastically with the sought after Cavalli belt.

(Rich & Skinny Mahogany Skinny Jeans, French Connection dinner jacket, Oli Duchesse satin cami, Paul & Joe butterfly belt, Faith bronze Mary Janes, Christian Louboutin clutch)
New colours are big news with denim…this deep mahogany shade taps into that trend while still looking chic. The purple cami highlights the colour of the jeans and the cropped sleeve white jacket adds a quintessentially stylish retro touch. Accented with gold accessories and a splash of goes with everything leopard print, this would be a fabulous and headturning outfit for a night out.

Love is Colour Blind?

Hey people,

Very sorry for the distinct lack of post last week. It was partly because I just seemed to have been really rushed off my feet ALL the time and when I did get online, my fabulous Internet service provider Swift...was being everything but.

So you know I had to come back with something good.

Like most women, show me a picture of Blair Underwood and I'm one happy Tiger. The guy is just sooooooo good looking isn't he? As you know I'm a huge Sex & The City fan so I thought it was pure fabulousness, after such a long sojourn from the spot light he pops up as Miranda's sexy neighbour (Dr for the Knicks too). That scene on the stairs, after they broke up, was probably one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.

So I was digging around for my weekly showbiz gossip fix when I came across this

(ignore his suit in the picture though).

Click on the link so you can read the comments!!!!

"Here’s Blair Underwood’s response to the “backlash” he faced from black fans after he appeared on Sex And The City:

“Underwood, the first African-American actor to join the sitcom’s predominantly white cast, played Miranda Hobbs’ boyfriend, Dr. Robert Leeds - a role which he claims didn’t meet the approval of some fans. But the Dirty Sexy Money star insists his female fans relented after learning he has been married to Desiree DaCosta, a black woman, for 13 years.

He says, ‘In terms of the black female audience, usually in your body of work if you’ve proven that you love your sisters and will come back home, they will give you a pass when you jump ship. I hear it all the time. I heard, “We’ll get you a pass because we know you’re married to a black woman.”



and one more time for good measure....WTF?

I actually found this really surprising. I just loved the fact that he was on the show. And I liked his role on the show. Kind, caring boyfriend. Very sexy. Dr for the Knicks? Very sexy. The fact that he's black and Miranda's what?

I love the show, I think he's a good looking and good actor. Love him on Dirty, Sexy, Money too (seriously, is there a character on TV personality included more sexy than Simon? No.) And I'm sure him getting such a good spot on SATC helped him get such a good spot on Dirty, Sexy as it put him back in the spotlight.

So what's all this nonsense we'll give him a 'pass as he's married to a black woman'??? Get a friggin grip people. He's getting paid and is happily married and you're sitting there stewing over the portrayal of an inter-racial relationship on one of the most popular shows on tv. Why?

I love Blair but I don't really care who he's married to. Black woman, white woman, no difference. It ain't me....therefore I really don't care.

But what I want to know is why do people still get so riled by inter-racial relationships? Does it really matter if black men/women date white women/men? Or even if that's a what? To each his own surely.

Its the reality of the world we live in, the world is a big place that's gettings maller all teh time. We all travel more, meet more people from a wider range of backgrounds (racial, social, financial, cultural, religious etc) so of course that increases the likelihood of lots of different people meeting and marrying all the time. I don't care who's with who as long as you're all happy. A sentiment that's extended without exception to everyone around me.

I touched on the topic of inter-racial relationships in January so click the link to read it....

Your thoughts on this thought provoking post please!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome

The Pleasure Dome being the very hedonistic name of Talitha Getty's very hedonistic home in Marrakech.

Talitha Getty being one of the beautiful and the damned of the 60s, who became world famous as an icon of the Hippie De Luxe look championed so effectively in that era. Their was a life of full on debauchery, excess and glamour but today I'm only interested in the glamour. The Glamour of the Luxe Bohemian kind.

I figured its only polite to start out with one of the most iconic images of Talitha here she is on a rooftop in Marrakech. I don't think that dude is her husband though.

First up we have two bee-yoo-ti-ful kaftans from the Queen of beachwear, Melissa Odabash. Whenever I get round to swanning off on some super exotic ultra luxurious beach holiday on a private island in my private jet....I'll be sure to pop in. But in the meantime, while I'm waiting for all those high octane arrows to line up...I might just save up for one. The Amanda on the left is stunning in its pure white simplicity. And I am loving the gold detail of the Hannah on the left. Which do you prefer?

Next up, from Melissa Odabash again, we have the sexy Palm Beach on the left and the monochrome detail Savannah on the right. Which would you rock in your kasbah?

Now we have the diaphonous options. The pink embellished number is from the Hippie Deluxe favourite Matthew Williamson. The white semi sheer stripy option is from my favourite new name in beachwear Vitamin A. Again Matthew or Vitamin A?

The best accessories for this look are the earthy, nature inspired type of fabulousity. The tortoiseshell sunnies, the big chunky bangles, the bamboo inspired earrings, the snakeprint. You catch my drift and EVERYTHING in this divine selection is from Tiger Tem.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Skirting The Issue

After giving the fabulously well cut trousers their due, I'm moving onto the item that is constantly lobbying for more space on my wardrobe, the item I can never have too many of...the fabulously feminine, undeniably sexy skirt.

The basis of their sexiness is really simple, men can't wear them.

I like them long, short, knee length, fitted, A-line, full skirt. You name it, I probably have it. The best thing about skirts is they always bridge that smart casual gap with ease and I find them one of the easiest items to go to in my wardrobe when I'm in a rush. Withe Tiger Tem, obviously there's zero need to turn up to work all suited and I make a conscious effort to not wear jeans to work too much as they look more casual, I get too hot and I actually just don't wear jeans that much (probably most often in the evening). I'm a real tank/tee and skirt type woman. When you're in colder climes a nice pair of opaques with flats, mary janes or boots and you're good to go.

Here's my pick of the best in descending hem length.

I love this one. Its from Miss Selfridge and costs a grand total of £18. It comes in black as well and its the perfect easy peasey piece to throw on with a tshirt in summer for a day at the park (or something equally stress free). I love the slightly sporty touch and I strongly suspect this will find its way into my wardrobe soon.

Next up we have the bright pink Lucie from DVF. Super duper feminine as its short and its bright pink but I love it. I'm all for pockets on fitted skirts and I love the bold colour on this one. Worn with a black or white tee with a pair of glam glads...perfect laidback city summer style. Oh and you see that big red sale sign? its been reduced to a very affordable £88.

Short, quirky and flirty...I'm loving this skirt from Binneti. Its the perfect skirt to go from winter (with tights) to summer (with a white shirt and ballet pumps).

This is a Vera Wang skirt from her collection from Kohls. That means its only an astounding $43. The monochrome floral print is right on the money for contemporary style. Love it.

Anthropologie, Urban Outfitter's grown up, more pulled together sister are champions of the full skirt this summer. Worn 50s style with a wide belt and fitted cardi...its a look that can work for all occasions.

This Pucci skirt is one of the best examples of how fabulous a great print pencil skirt can look. Love it and I would soooo wear this outfit.

Keeping abreast of the global nomad trend, this Mexican-esque print skirt from Urban Outfitters is supercute. Love it. $48. Buying it.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Who Wears The Trousers?

There’s nothing like a sublimely well cut, tailored, fitted pair of trousers to make a woman feel like a million dollars.

Think Katherine Hepburn in her sharp trousers suits, or the striking figure Bianca Jagger cut in that white suit. Right now, I'm all about the loose fitting lounge/palazzo pants, sailor pants but not really the skinny. I’m not a huge fan of the skinny and as the name suggests (and contrary to popular belief) they look best on their long limbed namesakes. But a fabulous pair of cigarette fit cropped trousers a la Audrey Hepburn will always be on the money. I have a cropped pair and I love them but not all that inspired to get more. But on the topic of the perfect white/tuxedo/sailor trousers....I'm definitely game.

I’ve done the hunting and gathered a selection of the best of the bunch around now.

Blind them with the pinstripes in these hip hugging, leg lengthening flares with the nautical button detail. I'm so in love with these trousers. Easy to dress up or down, think of them as a chic alternative to jeans.

I love the ribbon belt, a fabulously girlie detail on some otherwise serious trousers. The colour makes them a fashion mainstay as they go with everything. And for summer they look great with white, brights and navy is the new black.

At $15 Old Navy comes up trumps with these fabulously wide leg sateen trousers. These are the type of trousers best worn with very high heels to make your legs look superlong and lithe.

A very subtle pinstripe on these Marc Jacobs trews takes them from a little bit boring to a very stylish geek chic option.

$50 from Gap. These might just be the perfect pair of white wide leg sailor trousers I've been searching for. Fitted but not too tight with a good crease and a flattering flare...I think I'm going to get these now.

I'm not normally a Gap fan but I am loving these $60 trousers! They'd be great for work obviously but they'd also be great for the evening when you're a little bored of your jeans. The Demi Boot Cut makes them supremely flattering and leg lengthening which is what we're usually all after.

DVF is one of my all time favourite designers and I maintain, if you want to spend a little more cash on some timeless pieces, DVF is your woman. And I am soooo in love with these palazzo pant style tuxedo trousers. If you haven't tried the palazzo style before, you should, trust me, you will look a million dollars. The superwide legs are so flattering and sophisticated. Jeans are so ubiquitous and boring these days....dare to be a little different. And dress like a real woman.

Couture Couture High Waisted Flares look quite similar in style to the first Tracy Reese pair but sans pinstripes. I'm really liking this style. I'm so getting myself a pair of sailor trousers.

And last but not least I'm loving these Chloe retro flares. Love the superpale blue and the shape just looks like they'd be really flattering don't they?

Enjoy. And let the hunt for the perfect white/tuxedo/sailor trousers begin!

Jump To The Beat

“Don’t try to compare us to another bad little fad” So said those wiggedy wack little kids called Kris Kross.

What an appropriate sentiment for this post. The jumpsuit. aka The Playsuit. aka The Romper.

Fashion is not for the weak of heart nor the meek of mind. Case and point, the jumpsuit. Also known as the playsuit, except this type is not for kids.

Its one of those items the first time you see it, unless you’re one of the more maverick fashionistas, you’ll probably just flick the page without a second look.

The second time you see it, pause a little longer.

Third time, hmm, not so bad and next thing you know the jolly jumpsuit charm has worked its magic and you’re just looking for the right one.

Casual yet cool, with a decidedly youthful spin, the jumpsuit has become one of the must have pieces for your summer wardrobe.

As always Tiger Bites is here to help and here’s my pick of the best.

This is definitely a holiday option but you know what? I'm not 100% sure I'd wear it. Perhaps, at best, on the beach....but I love it. Very Bridget Bargot. Its the K-Town jumpsuit from 12th street by Cynthia Vincent.

Lauren Conrad's collection has had quite a bit of flack for being overpriced jersey...but that easy peasy laidback style is what the LA girls want so I'm sure she'll do well. And at $180 its certainly not cheap, but then again those LA chicks know how to sing for their supper!

This gold linen number from asos is £30 so its not a tough price to swallow. But I think gold belongs on jewellery and handbag hardware not on my clothes.

Vanessa Bruno is a long standing favourite of mine. She's one of those women who know how to design clothes for women. So this is definitely my favourite of the bunch and if I was going to buy a jolly jumpsuit...this one would get my money.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lagos...Big City of Dreams

Time for a good old gripe.

I'll start with Swift Communications. My internet service provider. When we first started using them about 6 months ago, they were fantastic. Same speed as broadband abroad. To be fair their customers services are great, they call back when they say they will and they send out their engineers when needed.

BUT...a few months down the line and for the most part the internet service is a bit shite. I spend HOURS (no joke) trying to uplaod my pictures now which is why I might seem to not update so frequently. Trust me, its not from lack of trying. I've been tring to upload my last post "Full Length & Fabulous" since SUNDAY!

So what I want to know is how come all good things in Nigeria always seem to come to an early end? Why is it that so many businesses and entrepreneurs start out so full of promise with high expectations and even higher standards yet a few months/years down the line its usually a very different story.

Why is it so damn hard to maintain any sort of standards in Nigeria and why does it seem to be ten times as much work to keep things afloat.

Where to shop?
Our crap infrastructure that really doesn't help. Bearing in mind my knowledge and exposure is limited to the retail sector..The running costs of a business here are astronomical and yes, I think they're higher than the UK/USA. Think about it, you pay two years rent up front, a service charge, you'll need a generator, probably ahev to put in your own water system and that's before you start any refurb.

And I believe the set up costs are very similar too. The commercial rent is comparable to what would be paid abroad, and you're guaranteed to have a much lower footfall in Lagos than you would on a high street in London.

Too Many Chiefs, Not Enough Indians
One significantly lower cost is staff. But that's a false economy as you have to spend so much time micro-managing, checking, cross checking, correcting, training re-tarining, explaining re-explaining that you really don't get enough time to do much else. Why do staff in Nigeria seem so lazy? They start out great and before you know it they're not so good. I've heard too many stories of staff setting up side line businesses, shafting their boss, leaving to set up the same type of business.

I often wonder where the future of retail lies in Nigeria. For a country with so much money, we don't have any international retailers here. Even Swaziland do! We don't really have anywhere that offers a true shopping experience. before anybody says Mega or The Palms...what exactly is it apart from food or electronics are we supposed to be buying in there?

I'm always being told stories of oh so-and-so are planning on moving into Nigeria...Before people go getting overexcited, just check where else in Africa they have set up shop. If tehy're not in South Africa, they ain't comin g here. South Africa is a much easier market to analyse and predict with a more atble economy and better established retail sector so just why exactly would they bypass that for Nigeria first? I've heard Zara are moving here so many times. No. They're. Not. They have a couple of spots in Morocco yes, but I definitely believe they'll be moving into South Africa next and somehow not Nigeria.

I touched on ths topic of retail in Nigeria a few weeks ago, take a look.

The last comment which was posted this week got me thinking about the retail sector in Nigeria again.

But I want to know what you all think...where does the future of retail in Nigeria lie? And who do you all think will be the first proper (retail) international chain to set in Nigeria?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Full Length & Fabulous

And while I'm on the topic of dresses (Naija Chickito we'll get to trousers over the weekend), one of my favourite styles for that laidback fabulously glamorous easy style has got to be the long dress. Fitted or flowy, there's a style for everybody and when you get it right, they look...fabulous. Accessorise with some super sparkly flats and some charmingly chunky bangles and you'll look as glam as Talitha Getty in her hey day. Me likey.

This regal royal blue strapless dress from Patrizia Pepe is available on Its £190 so a little bit more pricey than their normal price point but it is rather fabulous dontcha think? And is it just me or does that look a hell of a lot like ankara?

T-Bags are a brand that's been going from strength to strength as they've managed to get their finger firmly on the pulse of that easy sexy Californian style. AND for my readers in Nigeria I can happily tell you T-Bags dresses will be stocked at the hot new soon to be opened boutique in VI called Temple Muse. I'm friends with the owners and I can promise you they won't disappoint.

This $200 flowy floral number from J Crew is right on the money with the patchwork detail and the empire line makes it superflattering (and forgiving) for all body shapes.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tiger Tem is a Summer Bunny!

Sorry its been a week since my last post, turns out Swift Communications (my internet service provider) ain't so Swift after all. Anyway, numerous phone calls later, they've rectified the situation...lets just hope they can maintain it. Humph.

I love a good summer dress.

And what I love even more than a good summer a good affordable summer dress.

Its a complaint I get from time to time on my blog as I do tend to gravitate towards the more high end prices. Why? The high street is getting better and better and quicker and quicker at emulating what we see on the catwalk so for the most part, everything is an apporoximation of one of the big kahuna's designs anyway. And more often than not they have more and better pictures online......and I'm all about aspirational style. I can't afford everything I put on my blog but the plan is that one day I will be able to...and hopefully so will you! See?..aspire.

Onto the summer hotties.

I'm so in love with this Old Navy dress. Its so simple, so stylish, so timeless (say no to disposable fashion people! things you know you will wear time and time again).

I only do long dresses/skirts in summer (which always confuses guys...why is that?)and I LOVE them. Seriously. They're the perfect go-to outfit as they work for everything. The only reason I can think of for not buying this $29 Old Navy dress is they didn't have my size...but I'm about to get on their wesbite.

Next up, I'm loving this linen broderie anglaise dress from Miss Selfridge. The colour and the shape are both supremely flattering...nobody need know who ate all the food on the Barbie. And at £32 its a great buy as you will wear it summer, after summer, after summer. I probably have about 4 or 5 very similar dresses and come a touch of sun...they all get heavy rotation. If you want a bit more coverage just throw on a cute fitted cardi.

I love yellow. I don't own much yellow but I always like the idea of yellow. I think the main problem is the shade of yellow never seems quite right but this Forever 21 option is right on the money. And at $23 its not very much money anyway.

Ethical fashion. Its a little lost on me to be honest. I can see what they're trying to say but I'm not entirely sold. Its like shopping at Wholefoods, I don't do it because I care, I do it because the food's nice. Just being honest. But I didn't let the name Edun detract me from my love for this dress.

And last but by no means least we have this little slinky cuteness from maria Bonita (sounds Brazilian...not sure) anyway its from Browns (I know, pricey) but its on sale reduced from £150 to a much happier £60 ...hurrah!

Have an absolutley fabulous weekend....I know I will!