Friday, November 30, 2007

Quick Bite...What Katie Did Next

The cute bob she's been sporting for the past few months is now a huge trend with girls across the globe chopping off their locks.

So Katie's taken it a step further with this FABULOUS hair do. Not for the faint hearted...but methinks she looks uber-hot.



Gone and oh my golly gosh.

She's gone from wholesome teenybopper to a rather sexy sultry maven.

How about you? Love it or hate it?

24 days and counting...makeover time!

And yes I decided to give my page a little nip/tuck.
Those spots were starting to bother me.
And yep, I've been sitting here for longer than you'd believe trying to resolve my layout issues. Nearly there. Persistence pays off.

Anyhoo, let me know what you think.


p.s. in the spirit of giving please log onto Its a clever little site that makes you feel clever (if you are) and donates rice to help end world hunger. So put down that cookie and do something more constructive.

24 days and counting...Rockin' Robin

And while we're talking it just me or is there something rather wrong about this GQ pic of Rihanna and Robin Thicke?

Is it just me or does it look like a friend papped them in a hotel room?

Is it just me or does it look a little cheap and nasty?

GQ...what's going on?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

26 days and counting...Spice Up Your Life

And on a much brighter celeb note.

I loved the Spice Girls the first time round.

I think VB is fabulous.

The Spice Girls performing at the Victoria's Secret show in Hollywood??

Pure PR genius!

Its not an easy thing to upstage a bevy of nearly naked Beautifully Bronzed Brazilian Babes.....but somehow everyone's favourite spices did. I love the Victoria's Secret show, its camp, its fun, its in your face sexy and its a pro-duc-tion. None of that hoity toity taking ourselves too seriously fashion nonsense. I love watching the show and it makes me want to hotfoot it to their store every year....and that's before you get me started on the packaging. Yep, Vicky's Secret is right up my street and this...getting the Spice Girls to do an exclusive 'warm up' for their world tour....just makes me love them a little more.

They look absolutley fabulous in this sexy seargeant get-up....note to self, next halloween, make them stand to attention.

Ok, VB doesn't seem to ahve much improved miming skills....but you just gotta love her....A+ for effort every time!

How fabulous is this set?

Mel B, for all her sins, is just soooooo hot isn't she?

Baby just had a Baby and looks friggin HOT!

OMG...doesn't this just make you want to get some plumage?

Striking a fabulous pose is what VB does best...

How hot is Geri in that dress? Totally feeling the Jessica Rabbit vibe. How much do I want that dress? Anyone know who made that dress?
And if these pics are anything to go by....I might just have to bump someone off to nick their concert ticket (they sold out in like 15 seconds).

26 days and counting...Say no to crack

Heidi Klum is one badass sexy MF.

One of Victoria's Secrets foxiest angels.....

So why oh why did she think this was a good look for the afterparty?

The front is catastrophic enough...give Joseph his coat back love.

But the back?????? WTF?????

Monday, November 26, 2007

29 days and counting....the Beach Party

Another standard issue invite for Xmas holidays in Lagos is the Beach Party. There will be many but there’s always at least one big one.

Okay let me just start by saying flat shoes, cute flips flops please, you really don’t want to be the idiot falling over in the sand cos she wanted to wear heels (yeah, you know who you are). And yes, that applies to wedges too.

In pole position, you need some badass sunglasses. Big, black and beautiful, these are from Tiger Tem. I’ve got them in a few other colours as well but limited numbers as always so make sure you hurry!

Speaking of shade….how about going a little bit country, a little bit rock & roll with this cowboy hat (Melissa Odabash)? Or you could go for one of those big floppy J-Lo style hats. Or one of these disco inspired visors from Patricia Field.

A denim skirt or denim shorts are always a foolproof staple for beach attire. Now it’s a party so you want to make yourself look a bit special, a bit interesting and a bit different. So you could try these shorts. The preppy stripy ones from Mulberry would look tres cute with a coloured tank top.

Or these Natasha shorts are very St Tropez and would look great with a white tank. And yep, you can get a tank top in every colour under the sun from Tiger Tem too.

A sexy kaftan is a great alternative to a dress. And its a great cover up when you've had your dip in the pool/sea. This fabulous white one (very Nikki Beach baby) is from Melissa Odabash who has got to be one of my favourite swimwear designers.

If you've got the confidence to don a bikini...a LBB (Little Black Bikini) is on par with the LBD in the style stakes. Simple, sexy and damn effective. Or if you want something with a lot more bang for your buck, I'm totally in love with this turquoise one from Melissa Odabash. The fabulous colour, the sexy cut and the retro and oh-so-right gold loops. In fact, I'm off to get it now...maybe it'll be back in stock (cos you know I've tried about 10 times already!)

If you want a little more coverage, try this unbelievably sexy tankini from Vitamin A. Tankinis of the past have always been so blah, but damn that's set to change from the clever people at Vitamin A. Its those clever gold loops again, love them!(

Or this Bond Girl-esque cutaway swimsuit from everyone's high street fave...TopShop.

And my biggest tip is to take a cute hoody like this one. Its always pretty chilly coming back in the evenings on those speedboats.



Thursday, November 22, 2007


Skinny little Soulja Boy has penned what is turning out to be one of the biggest hits of 2007.

Just in case you missed this, this has got to be one of the BEST remixes I've ever heard!!!!!!


32 days and counting......How To Wear White

Xmas in Lagos ain't really happening for you until you've been to at least one white party. Since the Party Scion (El Puff Papa) started his white party theme in the Hamptons its been a popular one and it works well as those who know how to wear white....look hot!

I know of two white parties already so chances are there will be more.

The best way to rock white is to keep it simple and go for some supersexy accessories. Think of it as a refreshing take on an LBD. The little white dress might not be as frequently feted as its sister but when it comes to making an elegant impact, its just as impressive as the LBD. Simple, flattering and laden with delicate, feminine undertones, its no wonder it’s a regular in the summer collections.

Top of my pile is this supersexy Tux inspired 3.1 Philip Lim dress. Its cut low at the side for extra sex appeal and the black accents on the waist have a fantastically slimming effect. (

Next up we have this cute, sexy, sassy little number from Lipsy. Ok, its cream but damn, anyone who complains its not white should get a slap. The gold studs make it really heavy so it swishes magnificently as you move. (

Next, we have this gorgeous Pucci lace shift. A simple shift dress look fantastic when it fits properly...and if you want a little more va-va-voom, hike up the hemline a little.

Or how about this Zara dress. With the cute puff sleeve and ruffle detail, it would look hot on any body shape. And being so covered up at the top, having it a little short than usual works a treat.

Overlook the fact that she looks in dire need of a hot meal....and I LOVE this Alaia dress on Victoria Beckham. She shows us just how smoking hot the right white dress can look.

Next up we have everyone's favourite fashionista twins. Ashley on the left who is wearing the hell out of that it. And Mary Kate on the right who's more funky and quirky.

And last but not least, we have this white satin dress from retail giant A very flattering shape and again, the accents of black have a slimming effect.

Oh and you gotta love this white Tiger Tem ring!

Great accessories would include these Jimmy Choos or a fabulous waist cinching belt, or how about this divine choker (Tiger Tem)?


I haven't picked a dress which dress gets your vote people? Start voting now!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

33 days and counting...what to wear on thanksgiving??

Oh wow, the party season is well and truly hotting up.

Well, lets take a time out for our people in America...who will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday.

So, the question is what to wear to Thanksgiving? American culture is new to me, I'm strictly Europe but in our increasingly global economy its all about One Love. So I've decided to embrace the what to wear on thanksgiving Day with open arms.

From what I've been told Thanksgiving Dinner (or lunch?) is very similar to Xmas. In my household Xmas is a BIG deal and there's no room for slackers at the dining table. I'm not saying you must turn up in your Sunday best but its a special day for everyone so if you think you can get away with schlepping your way into the dining room wearing your trackie B's...juicy couture they may be, but nah sweetie, that doesn't cut the mustard.

The dilemma is what to wear when you'll be doing a lot of running around, eating copious amounts of stodgy food and drinking copious amounts of fine wine.

Flat shoes. I kid you know how alcohol has that funny effect on us all...i.e. when you're sitting down you don't feel it? You don't need the extra hassle of negotiating the laws of gravity in heels as well. So flat shoes it is. No need to skimp on the glam quotient, get yourself some supersparkly shimmery ballet pumps or sandals. A little shimmer and sparkle goes a long way in the glamour stakes.

My first pick are the fabulous Casadei sandals at £285. Really cute and very comfy...I should know, I have them.

My second pick are these ubercute pumps from cheaper than chips Forever 21 $18.80.

The nature of Thanksgiving means you will spend a lot of time sitting down so I recommend you keep the real excitement above the fashion terms. Rock that bobby dazzler of a cocktail ring. or sport that chunky bling necklace that superhot right now. Or how about some shoulder skimming earrings?

This stunning Swarovski necklace is from Tiger Tem and can be worn long or double up for a more formal look.

With clothing, just make sure you're wearing something comfortable. No high waisted nonsense need room to breathe and you need a few extra inches for the meal (and alcohol) you'll be putting away.

I'd recommend empire line dresses like this regal blue dress from DKNY $325

If you're more of a jeans girl the go for a cute top like this Antik Batik number ( paired with you favourite jeans a some sparkly pumps.

Just because its technically a more relaxed and usually family affair doesn't mean you need to slouch in fashion terms. And you know that really irritating relative you have to deal'll be so much more confident tackling that issue knowing you look hot. No. Knowing you look superhot.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

34 days.....Boho Bling

We're like totally over the whole Boho Chic thing. Been there, done that, got the jingly jangly skirts to prove it.

So lets step it up a little, go a little bit more rock and roll, a lot more glam....Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Boho Bling.

Boho Bling is that laidback, cool, easy yet pulled together and undeniably glamourous look. It looks uberhot without looking like you tried too hard. (Victoria Beckham gets a constant A* for effort but lets be honest, looking like you try that hard all the time isn't sexy).

The key is to pick out simple pieces with fabulous accessories.

Don't go really obvious, instead of a white tank and blue jeans, go for a black tank and black skinnies. Add a fabulously glamourous necklace OR some shoulder skimming earrings, a beautiful knuckleduster of a cocktail ring, a cute clutch and some killer heels....and you have one banging outfit.

This is a great choice for a day to night look. You know how it is, you're hanging out with your friends, then one drink turns to two, then your quick drink at Piccolo leads to BamBuddha which leads to 6 Degrees....

Well I know that's how my Xmas always is, as its always ridiculously busy at Tiger Tem, and you know when you get that feeling that if you go won't be leaving again.

So great quality basics and fab accessories is the way forward on a daily basis.

Here's Issio, Tiger Tem's favourite model, looking totally hot in Tiger Tem head to toe. She's wearing the laidback easy yet glam kinda clothes I'm talking about. If you wanted something a little more glam, I'd say pick a darker top and wear it with some killer heels too.

Here we have Nicole Richie, totally rocking this hairband with her outsize sunnies. The sunglasses I can do but i still haven't quite mastered the art of tying a headscarf so it looks as cool as this.

But we do have these FABULOUS sunnies at Tiger Tem. Love them so much I got a red pair for myself.

And if glam accessories are the name of the game, I think these dazzling beauties win hands down. Ok, when I first ordered them we had slight size issues for a lot of women but that's all been sorted and now we have lots different designs in different sizes.

I am so torn between these two necklaces....which one do you guys prefer?

These Dolce wedges are perfect for this look. They're wedges so they're a little casual by nature but the silver and gold snakeskin ups the ante and makes them look superglam.

When I said go for the slightly unexpected this is the type of thing i was talking about. A simple tank from the front, but its this not JT that's bringing sexy back.

Stunningly sparkly belt. Looks fabulous worn on the waist or hips.

Ladies, a word of warning. If you're wearing low riding low riders, please wear low riding underwear and a longer length tank. VPL above the waistband of your jeans just looks nasty. say no to crack. please.

Speaking of which, Tiger Tem does these great longer length tank tops that changed my life....I kid you not. I no longer spend the entire afternoon/evening hitching up my jeans and pulling down my top.

And we have some rather fabulous accessories at Tiger Tem too as we aspire to be Nigeria's ultimate accessory haven...come and check us out and let me know what you think.

Tiger Tem, 22 Musa Yaradua St, Off Idowu Martins, VI

and join us on facebook...almost 300 members in the group now and counting.....