Wednesday, November 28, 2007

26 days and counting...Spice Up Your Life

And on a much brighter celeb note.

I loved the Spice Girls the first time round.

I think VB is fabulous.

The Spice Girls performing at the Victoria's Secret show in Hollywood??

Pure PR genius!

Its not an easy thing to upstage a bevy of nearly naked Beautifully Bronzed Brazilian Babes.....but somehow everyone's favourite spices did. I love the Victoria's Secret show, its camp, its fun, its in your face sexy and its a pro-duc-tion. None of that hoity toity taking ourselves too seriously fashion nonsense. I love watching the show and it makes me want to hotfoot it to their store every year....and that's before you get me started on the packaging. Yep, Vicky's Secret is right up my street and this...getting the Spice Girls to do an exclusive 'warm up' for their world tour....just makes me love them a little more.

They look absolutley fabulous in this sexy seargeant get-up....note to self, next halloween, make them stand to attention.

Ok, VB doesn't seem to ahve much improved miming skills....but you just gotta love her....A+ for effort every time!

How fabulous is this set?

Mel B, for all her sins, is just soooooo hot isn't she?

Baby just had a Baby and looks friggin HOT!

OMG...doesn't this just make you want to get some plumage?

Striking a fabulous pose is what VB does best...

How hot is Geri in that dress? Totally feeling the Jessica Rabbit vibe. How much do I want that dress? Anyone know who made that dress?
And if these pics are anything to go by....I might just have to bump someone off to nick their concert ticket (they sold out in like 15 seconds).


Uzo said...

Oh my...My mom makes fun of me - saying i should have stock in Vicky's secret cos of how much stuff i have from them...These pics are hot. The Spice Girls are all grown up and looking hot, hot, hot...Love VB as well...She is so plastic but i love her....

I really must attend one of the vicky's secret shows very very soon....

Nice one....

Tiger Tem said...

Thanks....if you score a ticket, grab another one for me!