Monday, November 19, 2007

36 days and counting....and today we have Cavalli for H&M

Every Autumn/Winter the designers send the models trotting out in all manner of animal print. But I think the jungle has been raped and pillaged for the last time by Roberto Cavalli for H&M.

Cavalli....the original Italian lothario that has made the dubious sounding combination of animal print, diaphonous (yet short) layers of chiffon, asymmetry, big hair, smoky eyes and oodles of bling, not just his signature look, but THE look for the international jetset often found in places like China (white), MoVida, Lotus, Butter, Tao, Suite and of course the Big Kahuna of the Cavalli crew....Olivia Valere.

H&M...for the most part a bit cheap and scratchy. And no matter how many times friends tell me that fab top/skirt/jumper came from H&M I just can't quite deal with the absolute bargain bucket carnage that hits you in every store. Actually, except the Knightsbridge store....that looks like a normal shop. The rest....I bypass.

But the Great Danes have over the past few years pulled up their socks, sorted out their production (more kids in the sweatshops in china = more work and a stricter dungeon master = higher quality). So now H&M is good for cheap and cheerful basics and is one of the high street giants right across the globe. They've got the fab ad campaigns with A-List models and they've done a number of collaborations all of which have had astounding success, most notably Stella and Karl.

And now we 'ave Rrrrroberto. When I heard this I was intrigued to see how his signature look would translate into a cheaply produced mass market collection without looking...cheaply produced for the mass market.


Don't really think I'll be hotfooting it to H&M anytime soon. I still have a leopard print cavalli dress that I found at an astounding price in a sample sale and nope, still haven't worn it. Maybe this xmas I'll load up the smoky eyes and big hair and purr my way out the door with it on. But the problem is now it just looks like one of those H&M dresses. So probably not.

But the absolute piece de resistance is the craziness on ebay. WTF???

oh wait...did that really say from Hong Kong? I smell a whiff of eau de cheap knock off.

When will people learn?

If you're ready to drop $400+ on cavalli just go to his store. Ok, that might only get you a keyring but shop in the sales. Please.

Spending that kind of cash at H&M is just wrong. The entire point is its cheap and cheerful. Just because you paid well over the odds for it....doesn't mean it won't fall apart in the wash. The first time you wash it.


Uzo said...

Just finished reading my copy of INStyle and this Roberto Cavalli and H&M thing was all over the pages. There are a few pieces that i think look cool and its a good way to have a Cavalli piece(?)....That being said, i am not a huge fan of animal prints on my body - well except for shoes (and even then, in small doses)

I dont mind H*M for black things...especially trousers...LOL. Guilty secret....

Tiger Tem said...

Interesting point. I guess that's why the designers do it, its a good way to make their brand more accessible to the masses....which probably makes more money than the $3k cocktail dresses....realistically how many women buy them?

Yeah the black chicks in animal prints was a little massacred by 'Scary' Spice the first time round. Lets hope they give her something more stylish this time!!!