Thursday, November 22, 2007

32 days and counting......How To Wear White

Xmas in Lagos ain't really happening for you until you've been to at least one white party. Since the Party Scion (El Puff Papa) started his white party theme in the Hamptons its been a popular one and it works well as those who know how to wear white....look hot!

I know of two white parties already so chances are there will be more.

The best way to rock white is to keep it simple and go for some supersexy accessories. Think of it as a refreshing take on an LBD. The little white dress might not be as frequently feted as its sister but when it comes to making an elegant impact, its just as impressive as the LBD. Simple, flattering and laden with delicate, feminine undertones, its no wonder it’s a regular in the summer collections.

Top of my pile is this supersexy Tux inspired 3.1 Philip Lim dress. Its cut low at the side for extra sex appeal and the black accents on the waist have a fantastically slimming effect. (

Next up we have this cute, sexy, sassy little number from Lipsy. Ok, its cream but damn, anyone who complains its not white should get a slap. The gold studs make it really heavy so it swishes magnificently as you move. (

Next, we have this gorgeous Pucci lace shift. A simple shift dress look fantastic when it fits properly...and if you want a little more va-va-voom, hike up the hemline a little.

Or how about this Zara dress. With the cute puff sleeve and ruffle detail, it would look hot on any body shape. And being so covered up at the top, having it a little short than usual works a treat.

Overlook the fact that she looks in dire need of a hot meal....and I LOVE this Alaia dress on Victoria Beckham. She shows us just how smoking hot the right white dress can look.

Next up we have everyone's favourite fashionista twins. Ashley on the left who is wearing the hell out of that it. And Mary Kate on the right who's more funky and quirky.

And last but not least, we have this white satin dress from retail giant A very flattering shape and again, the accents of black have a slimming effect.

Oh and you gotta love this white Tiger Tem ring!

Great accessories would include these Jimmy Choos or a fabulous waist cinching belt, or how about this divine choker (Tiger Tem)?


I haven't picked a dress which dress gets your vote people? Start voting now!


Uzo said...

That white cocktail ring is hawt. LOL...I love the ASOS dress the most. Its elegant, ladylike and the black in there works for me. So thats the one that has my vote...

Tiger Tem said...

I've got the white ring and I kid you not when I say every time I've worn it I've been practically hijacked!

Good choice with the dress...duly noted.