Monday, November 19, 2007

35 days and counting....Jeans & An Uber-hot Top

Ok so today its what to wear to a party. Not a big full on ball gown kinda party, more of a jeans and uberhot/glam top party.

Skinny jeans are still on the money and these one are a Mahogany wash from hot new brand with a great name....Rich & Skinny.

But I think the hottest jeans right now are black jeans.

Skinny or flared (J Brand Love Story). They're universally slimming, they look a little more glam/rock chic than blue, they're more original as fewer people in the room will be wearing them. And the bottom line is they're more sexy at night than blue jeans.

And team them with this rather fantastic top I found while taking a peek at the Victoria's Secret website. Uberhot top, and it comes in aubergine too.

Now you know my inclination with all that black and red is to throw a good dose of leopard print how about this Tiger Tem fairy Godmother clutch. I just swiped one for myself and I love it. I love it folded over and unfolded its a bit bigger and looks more retro. Versatility...we like.

Or how about this fabulous little clutch. The Bloomin Gorgeous Cherry Blossom. Its from the 1st collection at Tiger Tem. Loved these bags. I'll probably do them again sometime.

Loving these devillish looking Miu Miu shoes. They're that grown up kinda sexy that you can either pull off or not. With the black snakeskin and the S&M-esque studs. Very (stylish) dominatrix.

But if you want to rock the leopard print on your feet then try these gorgeous Dolce's. Love them.

And I think my find of the day has to be these knuckledusters from the Queen Bee of fashionistas Patricia Field (stylist of Sex & The City and The Devil Wears Prada). Diamante knuckledusters! Fantastic! Definitely takes the biscuit from my biggest cocktail ring (and that's saying something!).


Uzo said...

Emm...i am not sure about the ring...Its very Lil Kimish....

Tiger Tem said...

Ha ha ha ha. Pure Ghetto fabulous baby! Its sooooo ghetto its fabulous, if i could get my hands on one, I'd probably rock it.

After all, Kimora had them trotting down the runway with Grills on.