Wednesday, November 21, 2007

33 days and counting...what to wear on thanksgiving??

Oh wow, the party season is well and truly hotting up.

Well, lets take a time out for our people in America...who will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday.

So, the question is what to wear to Thanksgiving? American culture is new to me, I'm strictly Europe but in our increasingly global economy its all about One Love. So I've decided to embrace the what to wear on thanksgiving Day with open arms.

From what I've been told Thanksgiving Dinner (or lunch?) is very similar to Xmas. In my household Xmas is a BIG deal and there's no room for slackers at the dining table. I'm not saying you must turn up in your Sunday best but its a special day for everyone so if you think you can get away with schlepping your way into the dining room wearing your trackie B's...juicy couture they may be, but nah sweetie, that doesn't cut the mustard.

The dilemma is what to wear when you'll be doing a lot of running around, eating copious amounts of stodgy food and drinking copious amounts of fine wine.

Flat shoes. I kid you know how alcohol has that funny effect on us all...i.e. when you're sitting down you don't feel it? You don't need the extra hassle of negotiating the laws of gravity in heels as well. So flat shoes it is. No need to skimp on the glam quotient, get yourself some supersparkly shimmery ballet pumps or sandals. A little shimmer and sparkle goes a long way in the glamour stakes.

My first pick are the fabulous Casadei sandals at £285. Really cute and very comfy...I should know, I have them.

My second pick are these ubercute pumps from cheaper than chips Forever 21 $18.80.

The nature of Thanksgiving means you will spend a lot of time sitting down so I recommend you keep the real excitement above the fashion terms. Rock that bobby dazzler of a cocktail ring. or sport that chunky bling necklace that superhot right now. Or how about some shoulder skimming earrings?

This stunning Swarovski necklace is from Tiger Tem and can be worn long or double up for a more formal look.

With clothing, just make sure you're wearing something comfortable. No high waisted nonsense need room to breathe and you need a few extra inches for the meal (and alcohol) you'll be putting away.

I'd recommend empire line dresses like this regal blue dress from DKNY $325

If you're more of a jeans girl the go for a cute top like this Antik Batik number ( paired with you favourite jeans a some sparkly pumps.

Just because its technically a more relaxed and usually family affair doesn't mean you need to slouch in fashion terms. And you know that really irritating relative you have to deal'll be so much more confident tackling that issue knowing you look hot. No. Knowing you look superhot.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Uzo said...

Having lived in Europe and the States -i think i had the best of both words. I miss thanksgiving - cos everyone made the effort to be with loved ones. The best thing about thanksgiving other than family and the food - black friday. The day after thanksgiving is shopping day with EVERY SHOP IN THE COUNTRY on sale. I am talking about 75% off already reduced items.

There is a strategy to this as well. My friends and i would draw up a plan ahead of time of the stores to target first in whatever malls and hit it.

Insane stuff. I miss that..

Okay - i love your recommendations. Dresses are a yes as pants or skirts and the waist/tummy constraining thing are not a good idea. And flats of course...

Tiger Tem said...

I had no idea that the day after was Black Friday. How very interesting!