Wednesday, November 28, 2007

26 days and counting...Say no to crack

Heidi Klum is one badass sexy MF.

One of Victoria's Secrets foxiest angels.....

So why oh why did she think this was a good look for the afterparty?

The front is catastrophic enough...give Joseph his coat back love.

But the back?????? WTF?????


Uzo said...

NO WAY..Heidi rarely makes a boo boo let alone one this bad. Its too short to be anything but thrashy. The lines from the stuff she modelled are showing and her back looks less than perfect...Though inperfection is not a crime.

Maybe it looked better when she tried it on before hand?

Tiger Tem said...

I guess it makes the rest of us mere mortals feel better knowing that even someone as hot as Heidi can get it so catastrophically wrong too.