Tuesday, November 20, 2007

34 days.....Boho Bling

We're like totally over the whole Boho Chic thing. Been there, done that, got the jingly jangly skirts to prove it.

So lets step it up a little, go a little bit more rock and roll, a lot more glam....Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Boho Bling.

Boho Bling is that laidback, cool, easy yet pulled together and undeniably glamourous look. It looks uberhot without looking like you tried too hard. (Victoria Beckham gets a constant A* for effort but lets be honest, looking like you try that hard all the time isn't sexy).

The key is to pick out simple pieces with fabulous accessories.

Don't go really obvious, instead of a white tank and blue jeans, go for a black tank and black skinnies. Add a fabulously glamourous necklace OR some shoulder skimming earrings, a beautiful knuckleduster of a cocktail ring, a cute clutch and some killer heels....and you have one banging outfit.

This is a great choice for a day to night look. You know how it is, you're hanging out with your friends, then one drink turns to two, then your quick drink at Piccolo leads to BamBuddha which leads to 6 Degrees....

Well I know that's how my Xmas always is, as its always ridiculously busy at Tiger Tem, and you know when you get that feeling that if you go home....you won't be leaving again.

So great quality basics and fab accessories is the way forward on a daily basis.

Here's Issio, Tiger Tem's favourite model, looking totally hot in Tiger Tem head to toe. She's wearing the laidback easy yet glam kinda clothes I'm talking about. If you wanted something a little more glam, I'd say pick a darker top and wear it with some killer heels too.

Here we have Nicole Richie, totally rocking this hairband with her outsize sunnies. The sunglasses I can do but i still haven't quite mastered the art of tying a headscarf so it looks as cool as this.

But we do have these FABULOUS sunnies at Tiger Tem. Love them so much I got a red pair for myself.

And if glam accessories are the name of the game, I think these dazzling beauties win hands down. Ok, when I first ordered them we had slight size issues for a lot of women but that's all been sorted and now we have lots different designs in different sizes.

I am so torn between these two necklaces....which one do you guys prefer?

These Dolce wedges are perfect for this look. They're wedges so they're a little casual by nature but the silver and gold snakeskin ups the ante and makes them look superglam.

When I said go for the slightly unexpected this is the type of thing i was talking about. A simple tank from the front, but its this not JT that's bringing sexy back.

Stunningly sparkly belt. Looks fabulous worn on the waist or hips.

Ladies, a word of warning. If you're wearing low riding low riders, please wear low riding underwear and a longer length tank. VPL above the waistband of your jeans just looks nasty. say no to crack. please.

Speaking of which, Tiger Tem does these great longer length tank tops that changed my life....I kid you not. I no longer spend the entire afternoon/evening hitching up my jeans and pulling down my top.

And we have some rather fabulous accessories at Tiger Tem too as we aspire to be Nigeria's ultimate accessory haven...come and check us out and let me know what you think.

Tiger Tem, 22 Musa Yaradua St, Off Idowu Martins, VI

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Uzo said...

Loving the sparkly bangles...I got quite a lot of bangles in India but these look so interesting cos they are chunkier than the skinny ones i have.

Loving this.....

Tiger Tem said...

Coolio, we have lots and lots of colours in Tiger Tem. Every time I wear mine I get practically hijacked for them.