Monday, December 15, 2008

The Hotness....Hat Trick

Hello Officer Franklin! I promised I'd say hello to you, make sure you keep reading on a regular basis!!!!!

My, my, my its cold out there isn't it?

Well if you're in Europe or most parts of America and is to be believed, you're freezing your extremities off.

One of the BEST ways to keep that extra little bit warm through winter is to wear a hat.

Seriously, we all lose 20-40% of body heat through our heads.

Now hats, in particular, fall into three categories. The good (i.e. cute), the bad and the fugly.

So dear reader, here's my selection of the good!

And at such fabulous prices, get more than one and switch them up depending on what you're wearing!

A bright pop of colour on your head is a good way to beat the winter blues. This little piece of cuteness is a bargaintastic $8.80

Or this boho luxe style multi coloured beret for £11.75 from www.

I love these baggy berets, supremely flattering on all face shapes and hair lengths. This one is shot through with sparkly threads of lurex. Fabulous. £7.83www.

This is the cutest snow bunny hat I've seen in ages! It looks so warm, I want one for the holidays now! By the fabulous hatmakers, Goorin Brothers, available from www. asos.comfor £19.

I love a bit of sparkly wool and this sequin covered beret from www. is right up my spingly sparkly street. £11.75.

This beret is very versatile as it goes with everything in a low key understated way. The eyelets add a little bit of interest to the style. £14.

I love Snoods! A snood is this supercosy looking combo of a scarf and a hood. Perfect to keep your head and neck warm as no drafts have any hope of getting in. £25 now £9.

For those of you who prefer a little badass to your style, I'm in all types of love with this Ted Baker Penney Trilby. From www. Was £45 now £30.

(and fyi, I'm always confused on the difference between a fedora and a trilby, wiki to the rescue!
A trilby hat (or simply trilby, originally Trilby hat) is a soft felt men's hat with a narrow brim, a deeply indented crown, and a pinch at the front.

A fedora is a soft felt hat that is creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched in the front on both sides. A trilby hat is somewhat similar to a fedora, but typically has a shorter brim, and the back of the brim is distinctively more sharply upturned as a result)

Okay, this is clearly not a winter hat but i have noticed there are A LOT of weddings this Xmas. So if you're going to one, forget the fascinator and go for this positively vampish, vixenish, undeniably sexy little chapeau from Claudette Chapeau on www. I want one now.

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tyna said...

thanks! i love the "boho luxe style" gotta get it...