Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All He Wants For Xmas

Even though I just told you what he really wants for Xmas.....if you must spend your hard earned shoe money on a present that you can put under the tree....here are my suggestions for your boyfriend/fiance/husband/object of affection.

I'll just start by saying the boys are very very difficult to get the right present for, if its something techie, they were probably one of the 5000 people that turned up at the Apple store the day it was released or its extortionate.

I've asked around and here are some of the very helpful answers I was given.

Porsche Carrerra GT2...yawn.

Pagani Zonda...a little more interesting but....yawn.

Mayback Brabus....what are you, an African president?

Bentley Continental GT Turbo...nice, very nice but David Beckham you ain't which means I don't have Vicky B's budget...yet.

But I'm guessing chances are, credit crunch and all, those might be a little bit out of your price range.

So here are some suggestions that are actually useful!

Most guys quite possibly have one of these already but you can always get him another one, for his office, the bedroom, kicthen..anywhere really, it will always be well received and it will always get used.

The BlackBerry Bold is a pretty popular choice, so is the storm so choose according to the depth of your pockets.

The other new phone that's been getting all techie freaks excited is the new Google phone the G1.

A watch can be a great choice, but only if you know his taste really really well....and if he already has a watch he wears all the time he'll need a reason to wear a different one. Like a dress watch, or a more everyday watch. I like this one, its a good choice for someone slightly younger or with more edgy style...from Invicta.

This is a more 'proper' option for a watch, also from Invicta. Its got that big, sturdy look I love with mens' watches and while its not cheap at $524....it is a lot cheaper than a lot of the big kahuna watches.

Computrace is $59.95 for a year's subscription and while it might not be the most exciting gift, after my Mac-napping incident, I can see how this could ber very, very useful. The software you install on your laptop enables your laptop, if stolen, to be tracked and then the HQ partners with local law enforcement to get your laptop back. Nice. I'd love to be there for the swoop on that!

Forget the widescreen plasma/LCD screen.....you need to get a projector in the house. Not credit crunch friendly admitted, but you'll probably be stuck home a lot more while we ride out the recession so you might as well make home the most fun place to be.

I'm a little obsessed with globes, i could stare at one (and often do) for hours and not get bored. the world is a very big place, learn about it. Replogle do some rather fabulous sexy looking globes so chances are that would be a well received gift...interesting at least.

And most women will never pass up an opportunity to stick our fingers in the pie that is his wardrobe...so here are a few good winter picks.

Erase all images of Patrick Bateman from your minds, and consider some leather gloves. They actually look better and a little more grown up on men than the cute woolly ones.

Cult brand Junk De Luxe are very popular for the retro styling. Love this jumper from www.asos.com.

A cheeky Tshirt never goes amiss.

No need to slack off completely when he's chilling out. Relax in style with this cashmere hoody from Vince.

And just in case you happen to not like the one he's wearing on Xmas day, 'convince' him he has to wear his new gift. Nothing like a fabulous cashmere jumper on a guy. This one is by Toscano and is a bargaintastic $80 from Nordstrom.

For Your Brother or any other Male Relative

Brother's and male relatives can also be tricky people to chose presents for.

The Game (Penetrating The Secret Society of Pick Up Artists by Neil Strauss $15.
Even if he think's he's got game, he could probably do with some help (unless he's married). I've read this book, pretty interesting read, and once he can get over the fact that he think's you're dissing his game and actually reads the book, he might learn a thing or two! It's not a fool proof manual, all women are different, all men are different so not everything will work on everyone, but the basis getting the ladies is confidence.....now that is sexy.

If you have a teenage relative to get a present for, get him this, he'll be so mortified by his understanding of the title you'll probably never be required to get him a present again...ever. The Art Of Seduction By Robert Greene, contrary to what the title implies is not about how to bed the ladies, its way better, its about how to get into people's heads, stay there and play them like pianos...a very interesting read!

Tipping Point By Malcolm Gladwell is another great choice for a book gift. Very interesting look at the phenomena of how small things can make the biggest differences. And yes, I know, I read A LOT!

If any of the men in your life have a nimble way with words and find themselves travelling alot, this Jack Spade travel Scrabble set from Neiman Marcus could make a great gift. And even if he doesn't travel much, he'll be home a lot through the credit crunch so might as well keep that brain ticking!

Who didn't LOVE this film? And if he happens to get the projector for Xmas too....and you in a bow, it will be the Xmas that topped all Xmasses!

Enjoy and Have a fantastically fabulous time over the holidays!

Merry Xmas!



SET said...

You are funny, but these are cool choices and the out-of-budget ones, a guy or his girl can dream.

Uzo said...

Oooooooooooooooooh...I have the Tipping Point book and Blink which is also by the same author and i just got my honey American Gangster and Troy and it was cute and also a little disturbing to hear him saying the words to Troy -"Is there no one else' and "Immortality is yours. Take it"/

Reiterates that men are really easy once you clue into what they really like. LOL.

Loving this list. How have you been?

Anonymous said...

What do you want for christmas, chica?lol i know that u are not asking formuch..lol Merry Christmas...Tiger Tem. Have a prosperous New Year....Pls do take very good care of your fine self...

Tiger Tem said...

@SET...a little light humour to get us all through the credit crunch Christmas is what i was after!

@Uzo...long time no hear, hope you're well. Blink is a great book as well, read that one first actually. LOL about your fiance quoting Troy.LMAO.

@Anon...My nearest and dearest all get forwarded my blog posts around Xmas so there really is no 'I didn't know what to get'...and I'm quite easily pleased anyway. I'll do my humble best at taking care of myself...thanks!