Monday, December 1, 2008

The Hotness - One Shouldered Wonder

The asymmetric strap has been hovering on the horizon for a while now.

They're so popular as they offer little more coverage and a more interesting neckline than strapless, they're a little more edgy and contemporary than spaghetti straps and halter necks and they're just undeniably sexy.

And interesting neckline always attracts attention to the wearer so get out your best strapless bras (sagginess and over exposure being the biggest fashion faux pas in my book), leave out the necklaces, don a chunky cuff and load up the superstar earrings....and you dear reader, will be .....the hotness.

I prefer strappy shoes with long dresses (the point being sophisticated elegance) and the chunkier clunkier platforms with cocktail dresses (the point being attention grabbing glamourpuss). So now you know.

Ok, so the $288 price tag on the ABS by Allen Schwartz dress isn't necessarily credit crunch friendly. I am an advocate of buy less and buy better. Instead of a wardrobe full of crap, focus on a few timeless key pieces that will hold up longer than some Primark nonsense.

BUT there are deals galore to make the most of this season. Retailers need you, and don't you forget that. So don't be afraid to bring out the Ijebu in you and haggle like a Moroccan Kasbah carpet seller. I just did that at a big department store for a fabulous dress and convinced them to go from 20% off to 40% off.....RESULT!

....Nothing to lose ladies, not even any shame in that game. If you succeed, share your stories please!



Anonymous said...

I did get 15% off a regular priced blazer a few months ago cos it was the last in my size and the button had dropped as i was trying it on... lol... i saved about $30 and my girl fixed it for me with her machine FREE!!! bargains rock!!!

Tiger Tem said...

See that? You don't get if you don't try. Just make it a reasonable offer and you'll be surprised!