Friday, December 19, 2008

All I Want For Xmas Is.....

Dear Santa,

I think I've been pretty good this year so I'll make this really easy, as many of any of the following items.

They're not in any order of preference.


And for anyone else looking for ideas, this list will be pretty handy for any of the women in your life (wife, girlfriend, sister, cousin, BFF)

Santa, I'm not normally a make-up junkie but this just looks like crack in the form of a beauty box. There is something for everybody in here. I gots to get me a hit. And its only $48 from

And for a little more girlie nonsense, I really do need a beanie replacement and I love this crocheted version from Portobello princess Domakaya.

I love a good book, and I've loved all Candace Bushnell books so far, so I'm sure her new romp, One Fifth Avenue will be entrenched in the upper echelons of debauched Manhattan society yet it already. £8.99/$15.99

Another great book from Cecelia Aherne, which my Mac-napper stole when they stole my laptop (and no I can't/won't forgive and forget) I'd like to be able to finish reading the book I was half way through. Seems a bit like a modern day Scrooge tale, lots of lessons for us to learn over the festive I hope Mac-napper learns a thing or two about MORALS.

Yes Santa, I know I still have an ipod, but its really really old and kinda on its last legs so I'd quite like a cute bew updated version. In purple preferably, thanks. $138

And while we're on the topic of techy bits and pieces, I'd love some new earbuds and yes I'm loving these buds embedded with a storm grey Swarovski gem. Cheesy? Yes very, so just load me up with a good dose of cheddar in the form of these. Thanks.

Oh Santa, after much deliberation between the iPhone and the BlackBerry I think I'd like a crackberry for Xmas please, the Bold preferably, or the Storm...whichever you find first.

I am in all types of love with candles from A Xmas supply of the very seasonally scented Winter Candles, then we'll switch back to my all time favourite candle EVER...cassis. Fabulous. One for every room please, with an extra few.

And while we talking they have these fantabulous cashmere cable knit socks that I just have to have to keep my tootsies (toes) warm through winter.

And while we're talking warmth, how about this hard working travel set that I would undoubtedly use as much as humanly possible..reduced to a much more wallet friendly $150 at www. A fabulously soft and warm cashmere blanket, eyemask and cushion might take me a while before I can afford to turn left when I step onboard but this will be a very nice way to trick my body into the illusion of luxury.

Something else that's popped up on my horizon, a bit of a reworked blast from the past ...anything with the classic Ianthe print from Like this fabulous cushion for £22.50.

And while you're in I'd love the classic Ianthe print silk coin purse too. £24.50. is the ultimate in premium quality leather accessories so how about a piece of that premium finery to house my jewellery collection. And yes, I'm loving this in the bright pink. $530.

And while you're dropping some major moolah in I'd love the new Panama Diary in fuchsia croc as well. I get myself one every year but would be quite nice if beat me to it this year....thank you!

And what's a jewellery box without a fabulous piece of jewellery tucked away inside it. I'm in all types of love with these origami inspired earrings from Tracy Matthews, reduced from $185 t $68...fabulous.

Santa, santa, santa...I've had my eye on this table for AGES...and I still love it just as much as I did the first time I saw it. £385 requires some thought though. Its from and its an ancient Indian technique native to Rajasthan I think. No matter, love it. Want it. Thanks.

I know I really don't need any more bags but this one is so cute! From $28. Love it.

And most of all Santa, I'd love to see justice served to my Mac-napper. Something in the form of a freakish ma;function that gives them an electric shock. Not a shock big enough to kill them, not need for that over Xmas, but enough to scare the bee-jesus out of they don't try to nick any more macs.


Stephanie said...

Visit to view the entire Raspberry Collection and our full range of diaries...
Today (19th December) is the last day for guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

Bunmmy said...

Amen! to the last u got style i admire and

still waiting for my fashion advice post.

Have a MERRY MERRY XMAS hohoho!!!!

Ini said...
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Uzo said...

I missed the Mac-Napper story....The main reason i stopped flying british airways was cos someone stole my imac (back in the day - looked like a white purse with a cute carry handle) from the captains closety thingy in front. Pele. Emm..i cant say i hope you find it but i hope you get a replacement soon....

Love all these items...Would love that jewelery case please