Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bright, Pretty and Quirky Party Shoes

I've just found one of the most fantastic new shoe websites I've come across in a long time.


Kitty Cooper Laura £240 now £120. You get a choice of three fabulously decadent brocade.

Kitty Cooper, Dina £235 now 115. You can choose from the luxurious looking dove blue silk satin, chesnut or wood smoke nubuck. And yes, they all come with that seriously hot pink heel.

Kitty Cooper, I love the Tamara for their quirky appeal. Cute and fun, quite possibly a bit more of a daytime shoe but it depends, as always where you're going. Is it just me or is the social arena awash with weddings this Xmas? If you're going to one, and intend to be the hotness, these shoes would work a treat. £230 now £115.

I'm in all types of love with the layout, look and photography on the site and they've even had the decency to put almost everything on sale...and that's on top of the VAT drop. The shoes are bright, pretty and quirky and are the perfect type of shoes to work by day, by night, by brunch, by lunch, by dinner.

And quite frankly in these hard economic times, while I do advocate buying less and buying better over the cheap nonsense that WILL fall apart from the cheap and cheerful retailers....you also need to make sure you putting your cash down for items that will work hard in your wardrobe.

The shoes are definitely very ladylike and a bit proper, but when you work your magic with the dress, the clutch, the gems.....you will be ....the hotness.

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Uzo said...

Oh my....My type of shoes...I love quirky, unique shoes...off to the website now....