Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Hotness - Pump Action

For what has got to be the first time in recent memory, flat shoes have made their way to the top of partywear footwear lists.

Flat shoes might seem to take some of the fun out of dressing up, but sometimes, just sometimes, its nice to have a little injection of comfort.

The party season is THE season for dressing up to the nines for no apparent reason so if you're going for flat shoes, make sure the rest of your outfit is the hotness. In my humble opinion, flat shoes by night work very well when worn with very short skirts and dresses. And they look better when work with tights too. It helps tone it down just a teeny weeny bit.

So a thigh skimming, barely covers your bum LBD or black sequinned mini, a bright pop of colour with the tights ( some spingly sparkly ballerinas. Cuteness.

And you just knew I'd say the more sparkly the better. Be the dancing queen in these fabulously sparkly little pieces of joy from £21.54

Or if you prefer you spingly sparkly shimmer and shine with a little more sophistication, go for these black ballerinas. BP Edie from $49.95.

And why not take a delicate pirouette on the wild side with these calf hair leopard print ballerinas? Fabulous. $49

Jewelled is the way forward. Love these. £15.

Oh my, these Antik Batik are very sophisticated aren't they? There's something about black suede that is so much more sexy than black leather n'est pas? £100 now down to £80.

And last but not least, a good dose of girlie fabulosity. Dolce Vita metallic pink leather ballerinas from $69.95

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